Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Green Windows - The Green Windows

I'm writing this down before I forget because it feels like I will definitely forget later. You cannot pretend something like this. It is apparently from 1995 and was released on the Mambo label, that may or may not be defunct, as an LP. I cannot understand this. It is insanely psychedelic lo fi indie rock. Glam bands made this type of noise too, right? Anyways this isn't glam or psychadelic, it's very youthful sounding, but maybe youthful in 1965, they do get sloppy at times. Reminds me of Simple Machines indie as well. This is up there with The Velvet Underground, but it was released in the mid 90's. It's sorta like if the 1990's were 1960/1970 but only through the scope of 80's radio stations. I can't explain to you how much none of this makes sense, all I can really say is that it is totally exceptional and out of the left field. I don't know anything about this band, if you do please give me knowledge.

The Green Windows - The Green Windows

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pink Reason & Electric Bunnies - Split 7"

As Super Sunshine Scum shows in my last post, this stuff is not new, so I don't know why individuals act like it is. Still, it is pressed only in small quantities and made for purists of the DIY scene to enjoy only, I doubt that scenesters give any shit about these types of bands aside from 'partying with them.'

This is noisy music, yet again, and it's interesting to say the least. I sort of wish that this stuff would be recorded in better quality, but some of the songs would lose their slick edge. Watching You Fall would probably end up sounding like a Joy Division/Radio Head (I get that vibe) worship song than sound like a simple little snippet of Kevin Debroux (Pink Reasons) life; seeing that since it is still more than two minutes it still manages to sound a bit cut off from the actual end, leaving you wanting more of something. First half is really enjoyable and gives some interesting look into Pink reasons.

Electric Bunnies is really fussy, but not in that crazy, wacky way that's filled with sass. It's just, weird? The Colorful Teardrops track sounds exactly like what it's called, this is really good and seems to be a lot more fleshed out than usual for this music. Their second song on this is the occasional noisy jam that makes the boys jump up and down, it's okay and isn't a fair track to compare to Colorful Teardrops. Either way it's up your alley.

5/5 stars. I probably shouldn't have written this one.

Pink Reason & Electric Bunnies - Split 7"

Sunshine Super Scum - Two Reactions 7"

I don't know how to describe this band. This is from the mid 90's. It's not bad and it is not anything I think everyone would like. It's pretty level headed for being noisy punk music. Most of this stuff sounds the same and gets lumped in the same category for being noisy because of the recording/quality, but that's not the end with a good portion of these bands. This one though, I don't know. There's some lady shouting in the back, at least I think, and there's a dude that is the main vocalist, I guess. From time to time this gets groovy and I really want to say it reminds me of Nu Metal, but it's not Nu Metal at all. It would probably be right to compare them to Melt Banana, which isn't far off since Sunshine Super Scum is from Nippon. It gets loud and crazy and sometimes repetitive but not repetitive at all. The third song on here, Village Church, is a good representation of this band; unpredictable, explosive, enjoyable, loud, fist pumping, angry, groovy, makes you want to jump out of your window and circle pit. 5/5 stars.

Sunshine Super Scum - Two Reactions 7"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ed Warner's Cage & Rookie Rock Radio Split

The album starts off with a heavy violent bash that swerves in and out of synths and heavy drums, vocals are total emo holocaust style in which it is violent shouting similar to Portraits of Past, the song evens out into a sample that finishes off nicely, right then and there is where you wonder why this band skipped over you. The second song starts and is even more of an emotional roller coaster with the same formula of the first song but with some strings and soft singing voice, the gaps between super violent chaos to beautiful melancholy is expressed through violins. Ed Warners Cage is ultra violent hardcore from France. You get old screamo, new screamo, sass and mainstream screamo all in two tracks, take it.

Rookie Rock radio starts off their tracks with a soft emotional walk through complete with french sayings and twangy background guitars which eventually explode into a near (current) Envy frenzy, the song then returns to its more softer beginning except with shouts in the background sounding completely beautiful and haunting. Another sound clip plays then a more traditional emo/hardcore sounding song begins; shouts, guitar, drums all clanging for the middle point that grabs you by your hair and prepares you for the pounding towards the end which, again, is reminiscent of Envy. Also from France.

You can say that with this split you get a fresh take on formulas bands have mimicked, except with an evolving sound that only bands from France can offer. With all this being said, influences from both bands are The Dillinger Escape Plan, From First To Last, Gantz, Envy, Yage, and Sons Of Saturn. You can buy the split anywhere.

Ed Warner's Cage & Rookie Rock Radio - split

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aphotic Discord - Naturescapes

Sean didn't send me all of it, but I have the four best tracks off of this. Brief overview: these guys played almost every show my old band, Paraphilia played. They are some of the illest dudes I've ever had the chance to meet. All of them are exceptionally talented at what they do: Sean pulls the one guitarist harmonizing with himself business that Marc from Veil Of Maya does, but much more erratically and creatively, Strat pounds away pelvis moving low-end funk, and Tommy tears apart the drums. Brian, is a death metal vocalist, graphic designer, so he gets extra props because of similar interestes... unfortunately his vocals on this ep don't have shit on what he can do now, before I thought our ability was comparible, now I completely envy his skill as a vocalist... when their new stuff is released, everyone will shit bricks.

I love these kids, support them plz.



P.S. great to see you posting again Manny. :]

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mouse Folk

Out of west Haven, Connecticut comes the band that spreads the love and memory of when times were much simpler, much funner and all about kittens. You know the times, you either remember them or heard about them; you wrote in to your favorite zine, you copy/pasted your record collection list for the first time, you held shows in your basement and charged $3 to make your parents think you're an entrepreneur. Kitten Violence is where this band opens its mouth and it sure as hell grabs your attention with the all too beautiful sloppy guitars that twinkle and shine here and there, and the duel vocals that go either from screechy to shouty to sounding desperate and full of angst. This one is wonderful. Kitten Violence is back in the States, thank god. Take that post rock inspired screametal elsewhere.
Mouse Folk - Okizeme


Finally I'm back, and with a fairly new screamo band from mexico, well they're not entirely 100% what we'd call screamo but they do have that twangy guitar and shouty vocals reminiscent of the legendary turkish Noisy Sins Of The Insect, but there's another aspect to this... whether it be the female vocals or the singing voice that brings back late 90s turn of the century post hardcore of the new york field, or, at times, the singing voice of the mid 90's midwest emo tempo. Either way this stuff brings back the kitten violence. There are parts that make you want to chant here and there and there are times where you wish you could run around and do a little pit dance in your room. Songs are fresh. Enjoy it well.

Garrick - Cassette Demo

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fauna - Rain

One track, one hour. Absolutely amazing black metal.


Celeste, French black metal/screamo




Celeste is a pretty young band from France that plays a pretty unique blend of black metal and screamo, which is pretty exciting considering some of the best bands in either genre are from France (Torgeist, Belketre, Daitro, Sed Non Satiata, etc.). Awesomely enough, they step out of the niches of the two scenes and do their own type of thing, there's no gimmicky lo-fi answering-machine-in-quarry production to it as is the staple for LLN, nor does it have the twinkly sound common to other French screamo groups. They actually kind of sound like a depressive suicidal black metal rendition of Orchid.

And this pic is hilarious:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Long Awaited Tragedy - Prelude

ALAT was one of my favorite bands to ever come out of my area. Both of my old bands used to play shows with them a lot. They're great dudes. They weren't the most orignal band by any means, but they brought an interisting mix of post-hardcore, death metal, Acacia Strain type "beat-down" breakdowns, and even some You And I-ish screamo-esque metalcore.Trav's vocals are one aspect of the band that are somewhat unique, and an aspect that many people either loved or hated. Great raspy, desperate sounding highs, voice cracky mid-range vocals similar to Hopesfall, great guttural lows, and the main aspect that people always love or hate: this intense, raw, almost power-violence meets tuffguy hardcore vocals, of which I'm a personal fan.

If you're looking for an extremely varied deathcore album, that stands out among the monatiny of that scene, I highly suggest you check this out.

The highlight tracks are definitely Here's The New Beginnings, When We Die, We'll All Live Forever As A Feeling, and Parachutes


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mikoto - Demo 2004

This band features ex-members of Taken (maybe just member?). I know for a fact it's the same vocalist. Cleans sound exactly like Dallas Green. This demo is definitely their most Taken-esque release. I absolutely love it.

Check it out.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hypnosia - Extreme Hatred

Hypnosia is pretty cool retro thrash/oldschool DM from Sweden. Great high raspy vocals. Really cool RIFFS. Lots of HATE, AAAARRRRGGGGH, and SATAN.


Heather Grey - Demo

Heather Grey is a two-piece from Allentown. They play a mix of post-hardcore, post-rock, and post-metal, lol. I know it sounds like a weird, possibree dumb description, but the point is these guys are pretty ridiculous. They're vaguely like Hella and Fall Of Troy, almost, but those are really just bad comparison's local kiddies make. They have a kind of heavy, almost Misery Signal's-esque sound at some points, while other points are all over the neck of the guitar like Tera Melos into beautiful melodic interludes reminiscent of Explosions In The Sky. Support these guys, they're solid dudes.

Myspace: http://myspace.com/heathergreypa

Cle Dix - See You Next Naturday demo

Cle Dix (they're actually undecided on a name, but I think this one and James Frydrych And The Men are their best ideas) are my homies, and I love their music. They're great guys and great musicians that play post-rock-y indie, heavily influenced by Modest Mouse.

Download See You Next Naturday

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Harrison Bergeron - Dead Bergeron

You know when you were like 15 years old and you really started getting into your local scene? You know how there were some good bands, and then there were some actually exceptional bands? Harrison Bergeron is that band from the Lehigh Valley. Absolutely breath taking to say the least... their live set was like everything you'd expect if someone were to say 'emotive hardcore...' but not chalk full of cliches, just realness and passion.

This album catches that passion perfectly, like that last breath of a dying flame, Dead Bergeron is burgeoning with intensity, emotion, and honesty. In the one year of their existence this band blew my mind harder than anything else I've ever witnessed, and I think everyone who can should try to get their hands on this.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time To Burn - Is.Land

This album is ballin. Great atmosphere. Great vocals. Kind of black metally, kind of post metally, kind of metalcorey, extreme elitery. Outrageous fun.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Love Lost But Not Forgotten

Putting this shit up for my nigga Ben. Best vocals ever.


Upon The Right I Saw A New Niggery

Not sure if my tags are right, but Dipset.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


a new fuzzy rock and roll band started by the madman from Mycroft Holmes, or rather yet, this is Mycroft Holmes' new band. lots of bands start up like this these days and are described as fuzz pop, pretty bad description, i think i'd rather call this fuzz rock... they sound more like a rock and roll band or probably the beach boys when they were really bored and didn't want to talk to one another anymore so they'd ruin their careers and record these songs than some bad 80's pop duo >:^} take that those of you who care about genres! all in all it's very good, the same dark and gloomy soft sound textures found in Mycroft's single work but made complete with pounding drums and very pretty sounding burnt out guitar/bass tones. snowy eyes happens to be the jam.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coheed and Cambria

I have a very varied fascination with this band. i've loved since i was probably 14 years old, maybe 15 and i still find them very exciting to listen too. even though i will agree that their last albums are total stinkers (with a couple of hits within them) i won't hate this band ever in my life. here in Neverender, they display their initial display of quirky guitar playing power which made the album Second Stage Turbine Blade a nice addition to any collection. this is a live collection which means that each night is different album the band released played live.

this is my favorite band.

Coheed and Cambria - Neverender night 1
Coheed and Cambria - Neverender night 2
Coheed and Cambria - Neverender night 3
Coheed and Cambria - Neverender night 4
-Manuel Mayhem

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nostra Monte - I Am A Romantic

Another old local treat, my God this EP makes me nostalgic. I'm not really feeling what these dudes are up to right now, but they're really into it so more power to them. This EP is pretty cool slow paced skramz, lots of influence from the French scene. Awesome vocals. The quality is poor, I should probably message George and see if I can buy this but I'm lazy. This shit is mad NAFY.


Contrived - Dead Air Verbatim

Contrived is a pretty cool guy, eh plays melodramatic music and doesn't afraid of anything.

<3 Mappy

Sunday, April 12, 2009

hello everyone! i guess this isn't even close to being considered a gift... but i really wanted to share it, i can't say i really know why and as i think about it there has to be absolutely no reason at all. it's not the type of mix you kids who listen to pure guitar based music will like, heck, i'm going to assume a lot of you won't like any of this. it's a large heaping helping of electronica or 'nu disco' as i've heard a few of these artists called, and i really enjoyed these songs. it took me two days to put it together, to make it what some call 'perfect'. i, at the very least, hope that i got near to perfection as i possibly could without sacrificing any soul and meaning. the message in each song doesn't have to apply to any of you, it could very well be that the song is just a fat dance hit or that it works so good at the given time i applied it to the mix. at any rate, i believe this is truly enjoyable. a good one for a picnic or a drive to the beach...

1. passion pit - i've got your number
2. cold cave - the trees grew emotions and died
3. the golden filter - solid gold
4. chromatics - healer
5. holy ghost! - hold on
6. weird tapes (memory cassettes) - asleep at a party
7. junior boys - count souvenirs
8. section 25 - sakura
9. theives like us - your heart feels
10. zombie zombie - before night falls
11. kap10kurt - mission complete (symbolone remix)
12. black devil disco club - i regret the flower power
13. data - rapture (pacific remix)
14. inflagranti - escapade
15. mgmt - kids (soulwax remix)
16. panthers - thank me with your hands (mstrkrft remix)
17. unsexy nerd ponies - 1986 valerie


Monday, March 23, 2009

War From A Harlots Mouth - Falling Up Stairs

Okay, what makes this band stand out? Absolutely nothing. They're basically the new Number 12 Looks Like You, except instead of mostly metallic metalcore with grind influence from the start of the decade, it's deathcore with grind influence from the end of the decade. For some reason, it's apparently "grind jazzcore" but fuck that shit, it's deathcore.

Good deathcore mind you. The song Keeping It Up Rules because it's like a Rifles At Recess song shrunk to one minute in length.


<3 Mappy

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Death Breath - Stinking Up The Night

Some old Swedish homos playing death metal. Oldschool as fuck. Nick from Entombed & Robert from Runemagick, heil.


<3 Mappy

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Knut - Challenger

Knut is pronounced, "Ka-noot," don't ask me, they're faggoty Swiss folk. Anyhow, Norma Jean? Botch? Fuck that shit, throw some juice in the freezer and put that in your milk.

Basically, really really krieg sludge influenced metalcore album from 2001. The best, the best, the best!


<3 Mappy

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

With Blood Comes Cleansing - Golgotha

By request, here's some Christian deathcore. Kind of like Rifles At Recess meets Despised Icon with oldschool death metal riffs... and all for the glory of Christ!


<3 Mappy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ooh Do I Love You Compilation

Released on Care Core records, or whatever fucking record label put this out, In 1996. Showcasing some of the scenes current big name hit makers, The Promise Ring, Sarge, Rainer Maria, The Dismemberment Plan, Braid and even no namers such as Supporting Actress, Roscoe P. Soultrane, Helen, Sideprojects, Chester and Mary Me playing total mushy love songs that make you feel completely cute on the inside from the first go. Really, this is a pretty intense comp and you have to wonder where a lot of these bands ended up at, some of them are even GREAT! The Cap'n Jazz cover song done by The Promise Ring (featuring Vocals from Tim Kinsella himself) really sets the tone of the rest of the albums, the two disc set, if you will. It's completely fast paced, hyper active, melodramatically charged punk at its finest. Songs by Campanula Blue add a little heavier twist to the mix along with Playstation (I can't tell if this track is real though, all the rest seem to have an identifiable quality and this one is just whacky, but the lyrical content and music seem VERY serious), Palilia adds a really low fi tangent into it, hell all breaks loose though within the first few tracks when Roscoe P. Soultrane plays their brand of soulful 3rd wave ska but it's Jarbaby's track 'i Love A Parade' that screams 'HELLO PLAN IT X, DID YOU FORGET ABOUT ME?', it's pretty much the grandfather to all those acoustic acts that ended up on everybody's Ipod after Juno was released. But it's really interesting when you hear Speed The Day's cover of The Supremes song 'You Can't Hurry Love', it's so bad that it's good in a very good way, complete with female vocals. I love it, just listening to it makes me happy. The comp ends with the Kinsella's covering their own song, ha. Have a blast putting this on and enjoy yourself. Drink some tea, doodle some funny characters fighting the XMen, have a blast.

Ooh Do I Love You Compilation - 1
Ooh Do I Love You Compilation - 2

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Through The Eyes Of The Dead - The Annihilation Of Expectation

My favorite melodic death metal release ever. My favorite metal drummer ever. My favorite metal guitarist ever. My favorite metal vocalist ever.


linky <3

<3 mappy

Monday, February 9, 2009

I haven't posted in a while, so here's another oldschool death metal goodie. Altar vs. Cartilage - Ex Oblivione/The Fragile Concept Of Affection+

This also has Cartilage's demo, as well as two bonus tracks of them from the re-release of the split.

Cartilage is another, AMAZING Finnish death metal band. They have a very distinct guitar style, the only two other bands to really pull off anything like it well are probably Job For A Cowboy and Thrown To Belial, and in those cases, those rare occasions that make you forget that there are way too many gimmicks going on. Basically, buzzsaw-esque tremolo picking and very groove oriented stomp parts... but before stomp parts were dedicated to tuffguys.

Altar is one of the better Swedish DM bands from the early '90s, but GODDAMN that scene was generic.

Oh, and it was produced by Dan Swano, which means he recorded it to sound right for the music, not to be as cleanly produced as he was capable of. The fuzzy production really suites the oldschool Scandanavian sound.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ripping, Revolutionary, Motherfuckers! I don't know why you would or could hate this band with this fucking stigma 'Fuck off pussy ass Jake!' They take what orchid had and made it more flexible and danceable, more booty shaking and rocking, more drug talk less I'm one sad bitch talk (haha orchid lyrics are so creepy 'I Still Shake When I See You And I'm Not Alright', haha). This band pretty much brightens up my day and if I listen to this while I'm driving I usually wanna go past the speed limit and drag a few porkers into a high speed police chase while smoke a fat blunt and drinking Jim Beam out of the bottle while my passengers smoke some fat ass bag of crack and I'm talking about all the fools I fucked up the night before while I'm getting a blow job and someone is video taping it all on their black berry. It's basically songs about being A bad ass and not giving a shit, all the while trying to make some sort of internal change. High gut wrenching post punk (proto punk) sounds that very much were birthed by Drive Like Jehu and the Stooges, they end up turning heads with deliciously gratifying and heavy as fuck stoner rock sounds on Things Are Strange but then they re tune their guitars and scratch their hairy balls again for 'The Trick'. If you weren't a fan of Orchid then fuck it, this sounds NOTHING like them. Up on here is most of what they got, Are You Down??? is a definite ball buster in which you'll wish you heard of sooner than later but whatever man, at least you're enjoying it now (one of the songs is scratched but the rest of the album is pretty fucking fantastic sounding, the copy that i ripped it from messed up on that song... sorry); Let's Get Serious adds lots of fuzzy fucking distortion and gorgeous dreamland sounds that scathe into your brain for hours on end with catchy fucking lyrics that you may or may not interpret correctly; Things Are Strange redoes two of their older songs and gives you a Pink Floyd-esque journey into being a fucking bad ass; The Trick combines everything from Let's Get Serious and Things Are Strange to give you a metal classic that risks being too rocking at times but goddamn you just can't rock enough. And y'all better get the way amazing 'Goblin City' mixes, with the song redone done by the Holy Ghost! and Run Roc. By the by if you get an official mix of that 'Thank Me With Your Hands' tune redone by MSTRKRFT then lemme know, I had it once but alas... alas. FYI they are now a defunct band.

Panthers - Are You Down???
Panthers - Let's Get Serious
Panthers - Things Are Strange
Panthers - The Trick
Panthers - Golbin City

- Manuel

Monday, February 2, 2009

Vermillion Sands

Some more Garage music this time but from Italy! This is one very nice little 7" that's oh so delightful. It's one girl who does a good job being the ring leader of this little group of garage pop aficionados and a bassist, a drummer and a fuzz guitar specialist who are all from their own respective and amazing bands (Movie Star Junkies being one)... fuck it, just call this Garage Country, respectively.

Vermillion Sands - Mary 7''

- Manuel


It seems to be one amazing time for garage rock/pop/punk. This is NoBunny, if you don't know NoBunny... then you've been missing out. This is so catchy, so poppy, very dirty, very good. He took the San Fransisco world by storm and was hyped but not overly that you hear about him on every other message board, this isn't Wavves but in my opinion its SO MUCH BETTER. There is a lost sense of comedy in these songs that you can basically feel invading your body when you hear this. After a few spins you start to get serious to these songs and you realize that this ain't nothing to be funny about. Poppy super fast paced punk garage pop with a no holds bar all balls out attitude that's so in your face and idealistically dirty, SUCH GOOD CHEERY UP MUSIC. I can't say which tracks will suit your mood because they're all very quirky and catchy in their own way, but, from the full length, Mess Me Up may very well be my all time favorite with Chuck Berry Holiday being a close second (It even has its own music video)... NoBunny man, NoBunny loves you.

NoBunny - Love Visions
Nobunny - Give It To Me 7"



Very noisy and delicious noisy garage punk rock delivered by a triplet. Let's dive back into time and think about what we used to think punk rock was at the age of 9 or 10 years old... what did you think? I thought of violence, aggressiveness and pure noise. This has all that old school wanna be The Ramones flavor packaged in tiny wallops. The Full Length is started off by the guitar that sounds obviously reminiscent of late 70's early 80's garage rock (or at least what you might perceive was being done at the time) and then you get the vocals which are obnoxious and you get the lyrics which are at the very least catchy. The rest of the album follows this pattern very closely and you LOVE IT. A great garage rock album. The full length's band members are one female and two males, the husband/wife duo and friend. Wife plays the drums, husband whacks the guitar and friend plays the keys. Might make you think of him as a third wheel but not at all, his keys aren't taking away from anything or adding too much. It's perfect. The All I Give 7" and Split include just the Husband/Wife duo without their keyboardist and are very much more raw, faster and strung out of their minds. That White Strips Song "Fell In Love With Girl" over and over but quicker, faster and more in your face. The Mans portion of the split is just as enjoyable, just two dudes making similar music in a similar way... More on The Mans later.

CoCoComa - CoCoComa
CoCoComa - All I Give 7"
CoCoComa/The Mans - Split


Sunday, February 1, 2009


Tony Brummel is a dumb fat ass bitch. Here's the first Full Length, and the New Release that just recently leaked (this one looks legit, not that faggy other one that circulated the internet a week or two ago). Enjoy and god damn, Friends In Armed Forces is such an explosive song.

Thursday - Full Collapse
Thursday - Common Existence

- Manuel

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tin Kitchen / The Other People / The Allong Findings / Mycroft Holmes / Zombelle

this time i'm going to throw up a bunch of links to various artists you may or may not have heard about yet due to their uber obscurity or falling out of actually making more music. all are very low fi/indie in their own ways but do not be put off. if any of these artists desire me to remove these links please let me know by comment or any other way, just get in contact. all are at the very least 96 kpbs, which may or may not add to your listening experience.

tin kitchen is an amazing display of the 90's twinkly indie sound that made bands like stella worshiped around ten years later. the vocal styling are given in such a great manner that you wish you were on your hospital bed and had someone singing to you. once in a while you come around a band like this and i definitely think they will be the last of their kind for a long while. They are now defunct.
Tin Kitchen - Various

the other people in an acoustic act featuring tid bits of other sounds between guitar arrangements that will blissfully keep your ears in tune. the singer/songwriter changed his name to 'thousands of bees.'and put up more tracks on his myspace page. everything about this is similar to other things but so amazing when thought of being on its own, i'm sincerely waiting for this boy to put out his album.
The Other People - 3 Songs

the allon findings is the ex band of some mysterious known man who had interned for the television channel Tech TV while it turned into G4 while he lived in California, i don't remember whether or not he lost his job or stayed on and actually appeared in Call For Help (more than likely he moved back to Florida). the songs are surprisingly very well thought out and don't drag you along for a boring ride, there is some sort of concept that you yourself can put together without thinking too hard. the singing is similar to earlier coheed and cambria, hopefully that doesn't put you off because this is absolutely stunning.
The Allon Findings - The Steel Hammer and My Wooden Shotgun EP

mycroft holmes plays some very haunting and brooding acoustic tracks that surely take you into the lives of a new england town on the verge of a witch hunt. very amazing sound with a nice ethereal vibe you are hard pressed to lose when the songs are done. he now has a full length double cd r album on sale for ten dollars complete with artwork and casings, very much a gentleman if you ask me. complete satanism at its finest and truest. these are his demo songs which may or may not want you to fall in love with this fine man.
Mycroft Holmes - 666

zombelle plays very drony, light, fragile, deep, dark, haunting sounds that leave you completely breathless. these songs aren't meant to do what they do, probably, but they do it either way. you will be sucked into a world of vampires, ghosts, golbins, trickery, love and last but not least, lust. her voice is that of a succulent demon luring you in to remove you from this realm and never let you out of her sight. demonic. "Blasphemous Doo-Wop"
Zombelle - EVIL

I hope you enjoy the twinkly whirly guitar sounds, the unending forced amounts of feedback and the droning deliverance of caustic noises I laid out for you all this time around.

- Manuel

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Depravity - Remasquerade EP

So here we have Depravity's 1992 EP, note that Remasquerade, the best track off Silence Of The Centuries is the title track... this is because the song is badass as fuck. The tone is even more badass on this one, however the production is pretty crappy. The bass drum tone however is extremely natural and well, muffled and bassy, a rarity for death metal. Not to say it isn't tight as hell.

Depravity is amazing, download this, etc.

The Planning Fallacy - Tides EP

Manny's been kicking my ass lately with the amounts of uploads, haha. But yo, nobody knows this, but I'm a huge fan of As Cities Burn. But yeah, this is Chris, their current lead guitarist's old band. They're kind of like ACB's post-Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest, but more airy and... "emo" singing-y?

IDK to most people this probably sounds terrible, but the band has some awesome guitarwork and drumming !!! and their lyrics are neat.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Animal Collective

Apparently this band has been throwing out awesome power house hits for quite some time. I don't know why or how this band has eluded me but I'm jumping in on this at the RIGHT time apparently. This album is such an amazing disguise of some of the most beautiful music to have ever been made, so amazing. I'm not going to lie, this album should break this band out of its shell and bring every single ounce of attention they deserve and then some. You'll see them on MTV talking about how they were just some random band making music for kicks, experimenting with sounds and will continually remind you how they didn't think they'd get as far as they had gotten. My fucking world has been remade with this album. Forget the Beatles, believe the hype. An album of Godlike proportions. Consider me a fan for life now. Best of 2009 already.

Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion

Zach Hill - Necromancer

Just one 30+ minute long track of awesome drumming action, if you liked his stint on the Mick Barr colab and what he did for Hella and The Ladies then you’re going to dig this for sure. He released a full length this year too but I think this deserves more special recognition considering he plays it live as well and plays it OH SO GOOOD.

Zach Hill - Necromancer

- Manuel

TY Segall

2008 was... it was a fairly amazing year too be honest, so many things were released pressed and shipped off to various countries around the world, many people were scammed by Indonesian/South Pacific scammers and TY Segall released his self titled album that blew me the fuck out of the water. Unfortunately I listened to this too late and wasn't able to uphold it as 'best of 2008' but I'm so glad I did not pass this up when I finally got around to getting this shit to pump out of my speakers. Amazing sounds, sorta has a tinge of Rolling Stone amazing beauty to it all the while keeping it fresh without sounding old at all and all of it coming from one man. Very similar to No Bunny in terms of sonic sound and buzzy vibrations. I first heard the full length while watching 'Don't Torture and Duckling' and drinking Wine, it very much fit the mood of whatever was happening at the time. Get into it and then tell your friends. Very much one of 2008's "Up-and-Coming-Better-Watch-Out-Will-Fucking-Blow-Your-Mind" artists.

Ty Segall - It 7
Ty Segall - Skin
Ty Segall - Ty Segall

- Manuel

Good Luck

This is such an extraordinary album out of 2008, this band was either VERY unnoticed by you or you paid every fucking ounce of attention you had to them. There is no way you would hear this band and say 'shit's boring' you just won't say that ever. While everyone is still swooning the generic sounds of 2004, here you get a new poppy punk sound that no doubt makes you wanna pick up a guitar. Similar to the Max Levine Ensemble in sound but different in their own right for their dual female/male vocal out put and sound that is more open to a much wider audience. People will probably dump this into 'No Ideas' dumpster bin of 'coulda been the next big thing' after a couple of tracks but they're probably scum bags and spit on people anyways. It's road trip music or something. There is definitely an overwhelming sense of musician ship in this album, people expect it to be a pop punk blast but its more than that. There are deep intricate sounds that no one wants to accept at first listen because the songs sound too simple but at glancing it over and over you accept the foot moving and guitar finger tapping sounds that this triplet make. Its a serious album with a moving sound, you won't forget it. Definitely one of 08's best.

Good Luck - Into Lake Griffy

- Manuel

Depravity - Silence Of The Centuries

1993, a great year in death metal... and here we have the greatest album of all, Depravity's second EP. Hilariously enough, featuring Enska Viljanen from freaking Sonata Arctica on guitar, but man, an actual musician playing oldschool DM is pretty fucking sweet, I must say. Vocals are pretty damn guttural for their time, and even for today, as far as outwards go. Drumming's classic d-beat, obviously. Definitely like my favorite DM album ever.



I don't know a lot about this band or their albums but they are definitely worth checking out. They have this Spring or Summer feel to them that you will notice immediately. They have this 'Modest Mouse' feel to them in some of their songs which are quirky, poppy, catchy and very much seasonal. This is one of those bands that you are proud of discovering and think only seven other people in the world know they exist without realizing that they are yesterdays 'next big thing' either way watch out for them. There are 4 albums out by them, here I have only two of them, if you have the rest let me know because I want to hear what this band is all about.

Kickball - ABCDEFGHIJKickball
Kickball - Everything Is A Miracle Nothing Is A Miracle Everything Is

- Manuel

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mission of Burma

What you need to know about this band is that they helped break the genre barrier, you can't really categorize them... some say they are post punk some may say they helped the 'revolution summer' sound and others will say that it was just straight up punk rock. what you need to know about this album is that from beginning to end it is just straight up and slaughters most things you have listened too. It lives up to the hype of being one of the most legendary albums in the D.I.Y. scene. From this one album alone this band influenced a plethora of bands stemming from the Catherine Wheel to Sonic Youth, definitely more than what you need for any day of your life. Beautiful, brilliance that is very much near perfection.

Mission of Burma - VS.

- Manuel

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

Yet another band that will be the next My Bloody Valentine (... LSD and the Search For God anyone?) ready to take 2009 by storm. I'm not sure when this album is supposed to be released but it leaked and it leaked so damn well. This stuff isn't going to be the next My Bloody Valentine but they will take this Indie Fuzzy Shoegaze scene by storm and possibly make bucks out of it. They are 'one' of the next big things even though it certainly will take a while for this band to get out of its little underground scene and I wish them well. Acclaimed by the scene to be My Bloody Valentine out of its dead and forgotten ashes (but who really forgot MBV?) with a really nice touch of The Smiths, a mix that does so well, you will be hearing about them. Noisy Pop, Shoegaze, Distorted sounds, amazing lyrical output, CHECK IT PLEASE! Boy/Girl vocals with songs that won't bore the total shit out of you... this one is for the charts.

This is up there with Merriweather Post Pavilion, Best of 2009...

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

- Manuel

Gary War

I nabbed this here album and dug it immediately, it was so awfully good that i needed to put it up on here before i even finished it, currently I'm two tracks away from the end of the album and holy lord this flowed miraculously diligent. This sounds like that scene in Willy Wonka where Charlie and his grandpa are burping and floating in that room and are about to die because of the fan potentially slicing them up into oblivion, that's what this is. It so relaxed and ethereal at times, drony even without trying to be drony. Sounds like a less chaotic Blank Dogs too be honest with a large hint of My Bloody Valentine. Very Good stuff, was released last year but went over my head as did TY Segall...

Gary War - New Raytheonport

- Manuel