Sunday, April 12, 2009

hello everyone! i guess this isn't even close to being considered a gift... but i really wanted to share it, i can't say i really know why and as i think about it there has to be absolutely no reason at all. it's not the type of mix you kids who listen to pure guitar based music will like, heck, i'm going to assume a lot of you won't like any of this. it's a large heaping helping of electronica or 'nu disco' as i've heard a few of these artists called, and i really enjoyed these songs. it took me two days to put it together, to make it what some call 'perfect'. i, at the very least, hope that i got near to perfection as i possibly could without sacrificing any soul and meaning. the message in each song doesn't have to apply to any of you, it could very well be that the song is just a fat dance hit or that it works so good at the given time i applied it to the mix. at any rate, i believe this is truly enjoyable. a good one for a picnic or a drive to the beach...

1. passion pit - i've got your number
2. cold cave - the trees grew emotions and died
3. the golden filter - solid gold
4. chromatics - healer
5. holy ghost! - hold on
6. weird tapes (memory cassettes) - asleep at a party
7. junior boys - count souvenirs
8. section 25 - sakura
9. theives like us - your heart feels
10. zombie zombie - before night falls
11. kap10kurt - mission complete (symbolone remix)
12. black devil disco club - i regret the flower power
13. data - rapture (pacific remix)
14. inflagranti - escapade
15. mgmt - kids (soulwax remix)
16. panthers - thank me with your hands (mstrkrft remix)
17. unsexy nerd ponies - 1986 valerie


dirty judas said...

where did you get that picture?

Manuel Mayhem said...

i'm not even sure. i don't look for child porn or pictures of naked fairies/angels/cherubs... it might have just been on this computer from when someone else had used it.

shit, i can't remember.