Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ed Warner's Cage & Rookie Rock Radio Split

The album starts off with a heavy violent bash that swerves in and out of synths and heavy drums, vocals are total emo holocaust style in which it is violent shouting similar to Portraits of Past, the song evens out into a sample that finishes off nicely, right then and there is where you wonder why this band skipped over you. The second song starts and is even more of an emotional roller coaster with the same formula of the first song but with some strings and soft singing voice, the gaps between super violent chaos to beautiful melancholy is expressed through violins. Ed Warners Cage is ultra violent hardcore from France. You get old screamo, new screamo, sass and mainstream screamo all in two tracks, take it.

Rookie Rock radio starts off their tracks with a soft emotional walk through complete with french sayings and twangy background guitars which eventually explode into a near (current) Envy frenzy, the song then returns to its more softer beginning except with shouts in the background sounding completely beautiful and haunting. Another sound clip plays then a more traditional emo/hardcore sounding song begins; shouts, guitar, drums all clanging for the middle point that grabs you by your hair and prepares you for the pounding towards the end which, again, is reminiscent of Envy. Also from France.

You can say that with this split you get a fresh take on formulas bands have mimicked, except with an evolving sound that only bands from France can offer. With all this being said, influences from both bands are The Dillinger Escape Plan, From First To Last, Gantz, Envy, Yage, and Sons Of Saturn. You can buy the split anywhere.

Ed Warner's Cage & Rookie Rock Radio - split


clément (ex-RRR singer) said...

thanks for your review!
a piece of my past.

clément (ex-RRR singer) said...

and for the info, there is another EWC/RRR split with different line-up for each bands.
unfortunately i didn't have it... so perhaps a guy from one of these bands could upload it to you...

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Jerome, Ed Warner's Cage singer! I can send to you the second split between RRR and Ed Warner! Just give me an e-mail, i'll give to you a megaupload link to download the songs! Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

Contact me if you want it!