Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pink Reason & Electric Bunnies - Split 7"

As Super Sunshine Scum shows in my last post, this stuff is not new, so I don't know why individuals act like it is. Still, it is pressed only in small quantities and made for purists of the DIY scene to enjoy only, I doubt that scenesters give any shit about these types of bands aside from 'partying with them.'

This is noisy music, yet again, and it's interesting to say the least. I sort of wish that this stuff would be recorded in better quality, but some of the songs would lose their slick edge. Watching You Fall would probably end up sounding like a Joy Division/Radio Head (I get that vibe) worship song than sound like a simple little snippet of Kevin Debroux (Pink Reasons) life; seeing that since it is still more than two minutes it still manages to sound a bit cut off from the actual end, leaving you wanting more of something. First half is really enjoyable and gives some interesting look into Pink reasons.

Electric Bunnies is really fussy, but not in that crazy, wacky way that's filled with sass. It's just, weird? The Colorful Teardrops track sounds exactly like what it's called, this is really good and seems to be a lot more fleshed out than usual for this music. Their second song on this is the occasional noisy jam that makes the boys jump up and down, it's okay and isn't a fair track to compare to Colorful Teardrops. Either way it's up your alley.

5/5 stars. I probably shouldn't have written this one.

Pink Reason & Electric Bunnies - Split 7"

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Aaris said...

so out of nowhere I start singing songs of Second Stage Turbine Blade today, and I just got home and put it on. Then I decide to look for some Electric Bunnies stuff, get linked to your blog, and your thing says you just played some old Coheed too. Haven't listened to it in like 4 years. Thought that was cool. Thanks for the coincidence. I'll link your blog on mine, I like it!