Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Celeste, French black metal/screamo




Celeste is a pretty young band from France that plays a pretty unique blend of black metal and screamo, which is pretty exciting considering some of the best bands in either genre are from France (Torgeist, Belketre, Daitro, Sed Non Satiata, etc.). Awesomely enough, they step out of the niches of the two scenes and do their own type of thing, there's no gimmicky lo-fi answering-machine-in-quarry production to it as is the staple for LLN, nor does it have the twinkly sound common to other French screamo groups. They actually kind of sound like a depressive suicidal black metal rendition of Orchid.

And this pic is hilarious:


AJ said...

Band is amazing. Trying to find US distributors of all of these releases.

Anonymous said...

alright, this band is pretty good, but screamo/black metal? it sounds like any number of hardcore bands my friends used to listen to in 1999.