Monday, February 2, 2009


Very noisy and delicious noisy garage punk rock delivered by a triplet. Let's dive back into time and think about what we used to think punk rock was at the age of 9 or 10 years old... what did you think? I thought of violence, aggressiveness and pure noise. This has all that old school wanna be The Ramones flavor packaged in tiny wallops. The Full Length is started off by the guitar that sounds obviously reminiscent of late 70's early 80's garage rock (or at least what you might perceive was being done at the time) and then you get the vocals which are obnoxious and you get the lyrics which are at the very least catchy. The rest of the album follows this pattern very closely and you LOVE IT. A great garage rock album. The full length's band members are one female and two males, the husband/wife duo and friend. Wife plays the drums, husband whacks the guitar and friend plays the keys. Might make you think of him as a third wheel but not at all, his keys aren't taking away from anything or adding too much. It's perfect. The All I Give 7" and Split include just the Husband/Wife duo without their keyboardist and are very much more raw, faster and strung out of their minds. That White Strips Song "Fell In Love With Girl" over and over but quicker, faster and more in your face. The Mans portion of the split is just as enjoyable, just two dudes making similar music in a similar way... More on The Mans later.

CoCoComa - CoCoComa
CoCoComa - All I Give 7"
CoCoComa/The Mans - Split


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