Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ooh Do I Love You Compilation

Released on Care Core records, or whatever fucking record label put this out, In 1996. Showcasing some of the scenes current big name hit makers, The Promise Ring, Sarge, Rainer Maria, The Dismemberment Plan, Braid and even no namers such as Supporting Actress, Roscoe P. Soultrane, Helen, Sideprojects, Chester and Mary Me playing total mushy love songs that make you feel completely cute on the inside from the first go. Really, this is a pretty intense comp and you have to wonder where a lot of these bands ended up at, some of them are even GREAT! The Cap'n Jazz cover song done by The Promise Ring (featuring Vocals from Tim Kinsella himself) really sets the tone of the rest of the albums, the two disc set, if you will. It's completely fast paced, hyper active, melodramatically charged punk at its finest. Songs by Campanula Blue add a little heavier twist to the mix along with Playstation (I can't tell if this track is real though, all the rest seem to have an identifiable quality and this one is just whacky, but the lyrical content and music seem VERY serious), Palilia adds a really low fi tangent into it, hell all breaks loose though within the first few tracks when Roscoe P. Soultrane plays their brand of soulful 3rd wave ska but it's Jarbaby's track 'i Love A Parade' that screams 'HELLO PLAN IT X, DID YOU FORGET ABOUT ME?', it's pretty much the grandfather to all those acoustic acts that ended up on everybody's Ipod after Juno was released. But it's really interesting when you hear Speed The Day's cover of The Supremes song 'You Can't Hurry Love', it's so bad that it's good in a very good way, complete with female vocals. I love it, just listening to it makes me happy. The comp ends with the Kinsella's covering their own song, ha. Have a blast putting this on and enjoy yourself. Drink some tea, doodle some funny characters fighting the XMen, have a blast.

Ooh Do I Love You Compilation - 1
Ooh Do I Love You Compilation - 2

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