Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hatcham Social - You Dig The Tunnel I'll Hide The Soil

Hatcham aren't new, but not too well known. Made a big blowout on the PS3 online network thing when they were signed to some sony label. Big deal? Well It's similar to the Jesus and Mary Chain in terms of slight fuzz and aesthetics. That's all. It's going up here because everything mappy posts is too noisy and evil, need to balance it out.

Hatcham Social - You Dig The Tunnel I'll Hide The Soil

Friday, May 21, 2010

Invocator - Alterations Demo (1989)

Super fast thrash elitery, almost oldschool death metal. This is what technical metal was back in the day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beaureucrats are fucking losers.

Shut this shit down, thanks.

Thy Art Is Murder - Infinite Death EP (2009)

1. I'll Show You God
2. Whore To A Chainsaw
3. Parasitic Autopsy
4. Breeding Bacteria
5. Infinite Death

Thy Art Is Murder's second EP follows a similar style, but more technically, with tighter execution and 25% more mosh breakdowns. Less swamp creature gutturals, better standard death metal growls. Best/worst lyrics: Throw your fucking horns, your bitch is your disgrace, so bring it fucking wretch, your bitch is gonna get it. Bitch you're dead! Bitch you're dead! Bitch you're dead!


Unfortunately, Brendan Van Ryn no longer screams for this band.

Thy Art Is Murder - This Hole Is Not Deep Enough EP (2007)

1. Like A Face To A Blender
2. Parasitic Autopsy
3. This Hole Is Not Deep Enough

Thy Art Is Murder is probably the best deathcore band from Australia, far far better than what The Red Shore turned into after Damo died. They sound like an Arizona dxc band with great harmonies, mad slams and a lot of sweeping. Mad swamp creature gutturals, Johnny Davy-esque mid range growls, and really shrieky high screams . Best/worst lyrics: You are the ugliest mother fucker I ever did see, you are the one who fucking bows to me.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Polaris - Belated

No this isn't the annoying indie band. This is an awesome LP from the British emo band Polaris that came out in 1998. I have no clue where my friend got this, but she gave me a dl link a while ago, and now I can't found that link anywhere else, so enjoy it peeps.

And the rest of June Paik's disco.


June Paik 10"

I remember there was a time when reccs were enragingly inaccurate. Like, you like Through The Eyes Of The Dead, therefor you should listen to War For Ages type shit. Nowdays though, be lovin this shi. Maybe it's because my tastes have gotten better so it reccs me better music, I will ponder this.

Regardless, June Paik's a great freaking band. Think Orchid/Neil Perry worship, with tons of post-rock influence, and you get a visual of my jeans bursting due to excessive semen emission.

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Wakedead Gathering - Tenements of Ephemera

So far this is an extremely good start for death metal, this year. Band is loaded with Immolation and Incantation influence, and this dude, Andrew Lampe, somehow manages to play all of the instruments flawlessly... no drum programming, just some dude who can do everything needed to play badass death metal.
1.A Sunless Road01:40
2.The Jury04:15
4.The Black Foundry05:56
5.Wasps From the Chamber of the Divine04:06
6.In the Offing01:38
8.Bewrayed by False Histories04:32
Total playing time37:58

R.I.P. C.A.B.

Paraphilia and OTDB played shows with these guys, they rule. Chris was such a nice kid.

ALAT - Purevolume (yeah, one of these?!)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Great post rock project from England.

(note, past two posts, a lot of the "album art" is just stuff from the bands' myspaces due to lack of album art... cool artwork though regardless.)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Score One For Safety - Discography

Score One For Safety was an epic screamo band from the UK, they're one of the few recent acts I've really heard noticeably progress throughout their short-lived career. Therefor, enjoy their tunes, because they're great. Some of the most amazing vocals in the genre, seriously.