Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aphotic Discord - Naturescapes

Sean didn't send me all of it, but I have the four best tracks off of this. Brief overview: these guys played almost every show my old band, Paraphilia played. They are some of the illest dudes I've ever had the chance to meet. All of them are exceptionally talented at what they do: Sean pulls the one guitarist harmonizing with himself business that Marc from Veil Of Maya does, but much more erratically and creatively, Strat pounds away pelvis moving low-end funk, and Tommy tears apart the drums. Brian, is a death metal vocalist, graphic designer, so he gets extra props because of similar interestes... unfortunately his vocals on this ep don't have shit on what he can do now, before I thought our ability was comparible, now I completely envy his skill as a vocalist... when their new stuff is released, everyone will shit bricks.

I love these kids, support them plz.



P.S. great to see you posting again Manny. :]

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