Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Luck

This is such an extraordinary album out of 2008, this band was either VERY unnoticed by you or you paid every fucking ounce of attention you had to them. There is no way you would hear this band and say 'shit's boring' you just won't say that ever. While everyone is still swooning the generic sounds of 2004, here you get a new poppy punk sound that no doubt makes you wanna pick up a guitar. Similar to the Max Levine Ensemble in sound but different in their own right for their dual female/male vocal out put and sound that is more open to a much wider audience. People will probably dump this into 'No Ideas' dumpster bin of 'coulda been the next big thing' after a couple of tracks but they're probably scum bags and spit on people anyways. It's road trip music or something. There is definitely an overwhelming sense of musician ship in this album, people expect it to be a pop punk blast but its more than that. There are deep intricate sounds that no one wants to accept at first listen because the songs sound too simple but at glancing it over and over you accept the foot moving and guitar finger tapping sounds that this triplet make. Its a serious album with a moving sound, you won't forget it. Definitely one of 08's best.

Good Luck - Into Lake Griffy

- Manuel

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