Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aphotic Discord - Naturescapes

Sean didn't send me all of it, but I have the four best tracks off of this. Brief overview: these guys played almost every show my old band, Paraphilia played. They are some of the illest dudes I've ever had the chance to meet. All of them are exceptionally talented at what they do: Sean pulls the one guitarist harmonizing with himself business that Marc from Veil Of Maya does, but much more erratically and creatively, Strat pounds away pelvis moving low-end funk, and Tommy tears apart the drums. Brian, is a death metal vocalist, graphic designer, so he gets extra props because of similar interestes... unfortunately his vocals on this ep don't have shit on what he can do now, before I thought our ability was comparible, now I completely envy his skill as a vocalist... when their new stuff is released, everyone will shit bricks.

I love these kids, support them plz.



P.S. great to see you posting again Manny. :]

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mouse Folk

Out of west Haven, Connecticut comes the band that spreads the love and memory of when times were much simpler, much funner and all about kittens. You know the times, you either remember them or heard about them; you wrote in to your favorite zine, you copy/pasted your record collection list for the first time, you held shows in your basement and charged $3 to make your parents think you're an entrepreneur. Kitten Violence is where this band opens its mouth and it sure as hell grabs your attention with the all too beautiful sloppy guitars that twinkle and shine here and there, and the duel vocals that go either from screechy to shouty to sounding desperate and full of angst. This one is wonderful. Kitten Violence is back in the States, thank god. Take that post rock inspired screametal elsewhere.
Mouse Folk - Okizeme


Finally I'm back, and with a fairly new screamo band from mexico, well they're not entirely 100% what we'd call screamo but they do have that twangy guitar and shouty vocals reminiscent of the legendary turkish Noisy Sins Of The Insect, but there's another aspect to this... whether it be the female vocals or the singing voice that brings back late 90s turn of the century post hardcore of the new york field, or, at times, the singing voice of the mid 90's midwest emo tempo. Either way this stuff brings back the kitten violence. There are parts that make you want to chant here and there and there are times where you wish you could run around and do a little pit dance in your room. Songs are fresh. Enjoy it well.

Garrick - Cassette Demo

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fauna - Rain

One track, one hour. Absolutely amazing black metal.


Celeste, French black metal/screamo




Celeste is a pretty young band from France that plays a pretty unique blend of black metal and screamo, which is pretty exciting considering some of the best bands in either genre are from France (Torgeist, Belketre, Daitro, Sed Non Satiata, etc.). Awesomely enough, they step out of the niches of the two scenes and do their own type of thing, there's no gimmicky lo-fi answering-machine-in-quarry production to it as is the staple for LLN, nor does it have the twinkly sound common to other French screamo groups. They actually kind of sound like a depressive suicidal black metal rendition of Orchid.

And this pic is hilarious: