Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Through The Eyes Of The Dead - The Annihilation Of Expectation

My favorite melodic death metal release ever. My favorite metal drummer ever. My favorite metal guitarist ever. My favorite metal vocalist ever.


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Monday, February 9, 2009

I haven't posted in a while, so here's another oldschool death metal goodie. Altar vs. Cartilage - Ex Oblivione/The Fragile Concept Of Affection+

This also has Cartilage's demo, as well as two bonus tracks of them from the re-release of the split.

Cartilage is another, AMAZING Finnish death metal band. They have a very distinct guitar style, the only two other bands to really pull off anything like it well are probably Job For A Cowboy and Thrown To Belial, and in those cases, those rare occasions that make you forget that there are way too many gimmicks going on. Basically, buzzsaw-esque tremolo picking and very groove oriented stomp parts... but before stomp parts were dedicated to tuffguys.

Altar is one of the better Swedish DM bands from the early '90s, but GODDAMN that scene was generic.

Oh, and it was produced by Dan Swano, which means he recorded it to sound right for the music, not to be as cleanly produced as he was capable of. The fuzzy production really suites the oldschool Scandanavian sound.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ripping, Revolutionary, Motherfuckers! I don't know why you would or could hate this band with this fucking stigma 'Fuck off pussy ass Jake!' They take what orchid had and made it more flexible and danceable, more booty shaking and rocking, more drug talk less I'm one sad bitch talk (haha orchid lyrics are so creepy 'I Still Shake When I See You And I'm Not Alright', haha). This band pretty much brightens up my day and if I listen to this while I'm driving I usually wanna go past the speed limit and drag a few porkers into a high speed police chase while smoke a fat blunt and drinking Jim Beam out of the bottle while my passengers smoke some fat ass bag of crack and I'm talking about all the fools I fucked up the night before while I'm getting a blow job and someone is video taping it all on their black berry. It's basically songs about being A bad ass and not giving a shit, all the while trying to make some sort of internal change. High gut wrenching post punk (proto punk) sounds that very much were birthed by Drive Like Jehu and the Stooges, they end up turning heads with deliciously gratifying and heavy as fuck stoner rock sounds on Things Are Strange but then they re tune their guitars and scratch their hairy balls again for 'The Trick'. If you weren't a fan of Orchid then fuck it, this sounds NOTHING like them. Up on here is most of what they got, Are You Down??? is a definite ball buster in which you'll wish you heard of sooner than later but whatever man, at least you're enjoying it now (one of the songs is scratched but the rest of the album is pretty fucking fantastic sounding, the copy that i ripped it from messed up on that song... sorry); Let's Get Serious adds lots of fuzzy fucking distortion and gorgeous dreamland sounds that scathe into your brain for hours on end with catchy fucking lyrics that you may or may not interpret correctly; Things Are Strange redoes two of their older songs and gives you a Pink Floyd-esque journey into being a fucking bad ass; The Trick combines everything from Let's Get Serious and Things Are Strange to give you a metal classic that risks being too rocking at times but goddamn you just can't rock enough. And y'all better get the way amazing 'Goblin City' mixes, with the song redone done by the Holy Ghost! and Run Roc. By the by if you get an official mix of that 'Thank Me With Your Hands' tune redone by MSTRKRFT then lemme know, I had it once but alas... alas. FYI they are now a defunct band.

Panthers - Are You Down???
Panthers - Let's Get Serious
Panthers - Things Are Strange
Panthers - The Trick
Panthers - Golbin City

- Manuel

Monday, February 2, 2009

Vermillion Sands

Some more Garage music this time but from Italy! This is one very nice little 7" that's oh so delightful. It's one girl who does a good job being the ring leader of this little group of garage pop aficionados and a bassist, a drummer and a fuzz guitar specialist who are all from their own respective and amazing bands (Movie Star Junkies being one)... fuck it, just call this Garage Country, respectively.

Vermillion Sands - Mary 7''

- Manuel


It seems to be one amazing time for garage rock/pop/punk. This is NoBunny, if you don't know NoBunny... then you've been missing out. This is so catchy, so poppy, very dirty, very good. He took the San Fransisco world by storm and was hyped but not overly that you hear about him on every other message board, this isn't Wavves but in my opinion its SO MUCH BETTER. There is a lost sense of comedy in these songs that you can basically feel invading your body when you hear this. After a few spins you start to get serious to these songs and you realize that this ain't nothing to be funny about. Poppy super fast paced punk garage pop with a no holds bar all balls out attitude that's so in your face and idealistically dirty, SUCH GOOD CHEERY UP MUSIC. I can't say which tracks will suit your mood because they're all very quirky and catchy in their own way, but, from the full length, Mess Me Up may very well be my all time favorite with Chuck Berry Holiday being a close second (It even has its own music video)... NoBunny man, NoBunny loves you.

NoBunny - Love Visions
Nobunny - Give It To Me 7"



Very noisy and delicious noisy garage punk rock delivered by a triplet. Let's dive back into time and think about what we used to think punk rock was at the age of 9 or 10 years old... what did you think? I thought of violence, aggressiveness and pure noise. This has all that old school wanna be The Ramones flavor packaged in tiny wallops. The Full Length is started off by the guitar that sounds obviously reminiscent of late 70's early 80's garage rock (or at least what you might perceive was being done at the time) and then you get the vocals which are obnoxious and you get the lyrics which are at the very least catchy. The rest of the album follows this pattern very closely and you LOVE IT. A great garage rock album. The full length's band members are one female and two males, the husband/wife duo and friend. Wife plays the drums, husband whacks the guitar and friend plays the keys. Might make you think of him as a third wheel but not at all, his keys aren't taking away from anything or adding too much. It's perfect. The All I Give 7" and Split include just the Husband/Wife duo without their keyboardist and are very much more raw, faster and strung out of their minds. That White Strips Song "Fell In Love With Girl" over and over but quicker, faster and more in your face. The Mans portion of the split is just as enjoyable, just two dudes making similar music in a similar way... More on The Mans later.

CoCoComa - CoCoComa
CoCoComa - All I Give 7"
CoCoComa/The Mans - Split


Sunday, February 1, 2009


Tony Brummel is a dumb fat ass bitch. Here's the first Full Length, and the New Release that just recently leaked (this one looks legit, not that faggy other one that circulated the internet a week or two ago). Enjoy and god damn, Friends In Armed Forces is such an explosive song.

Thursday - Full Collapse
Thursday - Common Existence

- Manuel