Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Das Oath - Das Oath

I've been listening to too much Das Oath styled bands lately. Holy Molar gave me a huge headache a few days ago. I've been softening up, need to get mad, get hard. Anyways, all these songs are basically just one long song designed to make you mosh and probably cry while you're at it. Wikipedia is saying they are Thrashcore, not Spazzcore, which is pissing me off. They started off as The Oath which I really dug but that split they were on with Total Fury was a gift I gave to another friend of mine so it's gone now, I'll upload it on here soon too, maybe. They were on Tony Hawks Underground 2 which is pretty wild, if you think about it for too long. I don't think I have to explain this band being that it has the singer from Charles Bronson, Holy Molar, Failures and Virgin Mega Whore; also this is thraschore.

I heard a rumor that at a Failures show Mark McCoy kicked a fat girl in the stomach.

Das Oath - Das Oath

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ache:Emelie - Ache:Emelie EP

A really wondrous venture in Screamo via heart wrenching lyrics, gut wrenching vocals, keys, violin, drums, bass and guitars. Really similar to the Portrait sound that is fleshed out and grown up screamo with dissonant vibes, and epic signatures. In a loose sense, every song on this ep flows dramatically and vibrantly. Sadly this is their only release, although redone songs and acoustic songs appear on their myspace player. Someone get in contact with this band, they need a discography or need to make new songs asap.

Ache:Emelie - Ache:Emelie EP

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Kodan Armada - A Collection Of Songs

This is another band that I have neglected to pay attention to or come across and listen to. Anyways, some bands of this manner are highly jokey and really snot nosed for me to listen to them decently, but this band is the complete opposite of jokeskramz. The songs and titles are so ferociously serious that I don't think I can actually understand this to a varying degree. It's too serious for me, I believe. But with all that, every song is thrown in passionately and angrily, relentlessly. The band includes live clips in between songs offering explanations and grudges they have towards society. At first listen a few of the songs are too slow moving and long for me (4 minutes) but my second or third spin of the album is me enjoying this a lot more than I figured I thought I would have. Another Screamo band down, 4208302482038403294809324 more to go.

The Kodan Armada - A Collection Of Songs

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Black Leather Jesus & The Homopolice - Split 12"

This is a raging hard on of a recording, so heavy and noisy and dissonant that it really doesn't deserve a review. Most of the time I'm all for butt fucking and loud music, but this sounds too lazy to deserve even that. I hate you The Homopolice, you started out being my ultra modern gay heroes but now you're just like Merzbow and have long hair. Black Leather Jesus doesn't make much sense either.

The tags are messed up on here, it's actually 33RPM as opposed to 45RPM, but if that's not true then sorry I mislead you. Groovy tunes.

Black Leather Jesus & The Homopolice - Split 12"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So I am now working on black metal with a good friend.

(that says Father)

This is our first track, Versus Humanity Was A Lossful Void

The lyrics are:
we've grown blighted!
blight runs to the very roots of our community
death! dying! dead! deceased!
wind rushes, threshing through brown grasses
parched fingers plant the seeds of hope
prayers! praying! prayers for fruition!
the earth's cranium still grows desolate
the climax of intellectual deprivation

I've finished a second track, entitled "The Glories Of A Freer Youth," which still needs to be recorded, lyrics:
A land of horrid wilting, and fragrant rot
Home to lepers and others plagued
Where decay reigns absolute
A bleak and desolate world
Where hope is for murder
Where faith is believing
That we will all one day die

Wilted herbalism rife with blight
In a land of corpses; various states of decay
Where carrion birds circle in the heavens above
Where crawling things burrow from the ground below
The haggard grin of un-death smiles upon our world
This ragged state of being is what we have become
We are dying, slowly, wilting away, as soulless husks
Drinking the lifeblood of this Earth

AND I'm currently working on a third song entitled, "My Journey Through Haleth With The Gaurwaith"

At some point, which I cannot recognize,
Came to be a war 'tween comradery and illicity.
Give as I might, I care not, but I digress, I am the leach.
I am, I despise.
But in this I find recognition.
Introspectively, I turn my gaze, seeking to change.
Outwardly I wish to view, and offer my counsel where it most suits.
And offer of support with a hope and grace,
Seems more effective than blatant rebuke.
More-over in the case where the critical stand the same ground.

In my periphery I note those of privilege,
Living in a facade of self-righteousness,
Surrounded by ramparts of hypocritical superiority.
And I realize, I have surrounded myself with self-servers.
Spinelessly snaking.
And where to? I have no distinct thought.
With these Gaurwaith, personal fault is non-existant,
And swift scorn is their sharpest blade.

So here I sit at a loss, and I guess all I can really say is,
"Grow up... and f
uck you."

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daughters - Daughters

Daughters - Daughters

Friday, March 12, 2010

Neil Perry - Lineage Situation

It's 2010 and I still haven't properly (or maybe even ever) listened to this band, even before I reset my charts, so it's not surprising that this is on the top of my list of recommendations. Going in I feel really safe treading into waters that I have charted into before numerous times and have come to know and love. Listening to this wasn't awe inspiring, but I really do like this band now, they're very dark and urgent. The build ups in the songs definitely remind me of Thursdays 'Waiting' and that whole scene (Portrait, You and I, Thursday, Joshua) and when I looked up Neil Perry I discovered that there was a shared You and I member. However, looking at the track list on the discography was such a drag, the songs started off really smart and sleek and ended up being tongue in cheek, which probably has something to do with the maturation of the the band (later songs are first on the discography); none of that took away from the magnitude of greatness from the songs.

Neil Perry - Lineage Situation

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Contagion - Subconcious Projection & Seclusion ('91 & '92 Demos)

Contagion was an oldschool death metal band from Chicago. They are fucking grimy sounding. RIFFS, BEER, WAR, ARRRGH, and SATAN.


The Deep (2006 Demo)

Can't find their album art, so here's their logo. Great deathcore band from when I was in high school, just came into contact with their guitarist via Sputnikmusic. Similar to Graves Of Valor, Whisteria Cottage, and Glass Casket. Dig it.