Saturday, December 20, 2008

Livin' fast and ballin' at Christmas time

Yeah, santa know when you been good or bad, but we ballin'. The music's tight, the block is stuffed; We here tonight, yeah, that's what's up. Livin' fast and ballin' at Christmas time; Livin' fast, it's Dipset Christmas time.

other good quotes;

the mood is right and im high as hell

now im hittin piff while im sippin egg nog


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Friday, December 19, 2008


Deathchurch is Japanese Black Metal and is raw, hard, deadly, violent, evil. I dunno bout you but i did enjoy this. A taste of Japanese pleasure created with deranged reasoning. God Free.

Deathchurch - Unsilent Hate Anthem
Deathchurch - Crushing the Dreams of Benevolence
Deathchurch - Vomit Upon the Burning Heaven

- Manuel.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Manuel's Dance Mix Vol. 1

I don't know anything about making mixes, but this one i did make on my own, well my buddy actually made it, i just added songs that i thought were cool because i couldn't find the other ones he wanted. We experimented with it at a party and they dug it 'cept a couple of songs but we'll just go with 'they've got shitty taste in music' no offense to anyone i know who danced to it and is reading this... i really don't mean it. i dig this piece of treasure too much to not share with all of you. This is a DANCE MIX WITH DANCE MUSIC IF YOU HATE THAT SHIT THEN BACK OFF IF YOU WANNA GIVE IT A TRY THEN TRY IT OUT STUPID.

Manuel Presents - Manuel's Dance Mix V.1
Track Listing:
1. The Presets - Talk Like That
2. Spank Rock - Bump
3. Sebastian - Walkman
4. Jackson and His Computer Band - Rock On
5. Jamie Lidell - Little Bit of Feel Good (Boreta_Remix)
6. Mr. Oizo - Ringardos
7. Autokratz - Reaktor
8. Kap Bambino - Hey!
9. SymbolOne - Love Juice (Danger TV Remix)
10. Danger - 11h30
11. Danger - 14h54
12. dAta - rapture (The Skywriters Remix)
13. E-The-Hot, Franchising - The Drugs
15. Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost Extended)

- Manuel

Monday, December 15, 2008

Simple Machines - Working Holiday

THIS IS FOR YOU! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. Get Melancholic with these sounds, here is the description from its own website:

"Compiles all the tracks from the entire 7" series onto one handy 80-minute CD. That means tracks from Versus, Scrawl, Lungfish, The Tinklers, Codeine, The Coctails, Eggs, Jonny Cohen, Veronica Lake, My Dad is Dead, Rastro, Lois, Nothing Painted Blue, Small Factory, Tsunami, Jawbox, Crackerbash, The Grifters, Crain, Pitchblende, Swirlies, Caterpillar and Superchunk! Geez, on one CD?! The hefty booklet includes photos and stories from the year when 7"s took over our lives."

It's like some christmas and new years holiday special. Still available off the Simple Machines site I believe.

Simple Machines - Working Holiday

- Manuel

Thieves Like Us

This was released just last month but it hasn't been getting all the attention it deserves, no doubt such a good album cover and you can only expect great music, tunes to dance too. Not a doubt in my mind that a lot of you don't even dig this style of music (electro/dance) but this isn't just that type of album either, very similar to the Chromatics (of GSL fame, not the disco 'Italians Do It Better' one) in terms of it being an indie band. It's three dudes mixing in styles they want to be mixed, apparently they've been digging hip hop and dub lately but I don't really hear it too much in this album. The second song on here 'Drugs In My Body' is just a good song to listen too, really dancy, really up beat and you won't hate it, possibly get annoyed by it. I don't know what else to say, watch out for this band in 2009 i do think they're going to get hyped to oblivion. Fuck it right? Still available for sure, probably $20 or more but I think these records usually run for that much anyways.

Thieves Like Us - Play Music

- Manuel


Disco electro dance dance dance. Stuff has been making a come back since like 2004, Daft Punk has its 35 year old fans as well as its teenage and preteen audience in its grasp and will never EVER let go. Taking that into 4th generation electronica twice removed we get things like SymbolOne, dance driven beats bent on making a dent in the scene already ripping with more acts than you'd want with more songs being remixed than you should even really start to care about. SymbolOne takes this and realizes this, this ain't nothing silly, its good okay. If you dig this style of music then you're going to dig this, been compared to Valerie and will be doing work with Justice. This is still available through, well, i believe anywhere really. It has the original Love Juice cut as well as two remixes done by Danger TV and Moulinex. The other links are another Love Juice remixed by Loose Shus and Everything Louder Then Everything Else, a single released in 2007. Look for the full length coming out soon.

SymbolOne - Love Juice
SymbolOne - Love Juice (Loose Shus Remix)
SymbolOne - Everything Louder Then Everything Else

- Manuel

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Karl Marx And Friends

1.) smoke a couple of joints and drink some vladdy
2. jam/record jamming in (a jew) drummer's basement
3. ???
4. profit

Mudkip Onslaught


Monday, December 8, 2008

Taken - Between Two Unseens

So where did all of these bands like 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Misery Signals, This Runs Through, Underoath, etc. etc. get their ideas from? You know, that ultra-emotive airy metalcore that actually seems to serve a purpose beyond IT'S TIME TO FUCKING MOSH? Anyhow, I'm done skirting the details, they all ripped off Taken, or at least sound like it. Now listen to this shit, its mad tight.

1. Arrested Impulse
2. The Duke
3. Treaded Paths
4. Eternity Was On Our Lips
5. Swirling Memories

Between Two Unseens

<3 Mappy


they're on the same label as Boys Life and sound like them except much slower, tired, stoned. self proclaimed to be the highest most stoned pot headed 'emo' band in southern California's San Diego area has probably given you the incentive to think that they're like Electric Wizard. no not even. Chune sounds like sleeping a lot, maybe if Boys Life played Cerberus Shoal songs, Codeine sounds similar in terms of laziness. the lyrics add a lot more to the laziness of this band, they seem tired and unresponsive, mainly as though they are a day dream and are exactly like being really high and thinking too much about things you've known and come to expect. they have two full lengths , Burnt and Big Hat, No Cattle and an EP called Nine Ways To Sunday, nothing too fancy and not hard to find; all of it is on Amazon. here's the 10" and Big Hat, No Cattle.

Chune - Big Hat, No Cattle
Chune - Nine Ways To Sunday 10"

- Manuel

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We Had A Moment In Chinchilla

oktober skyline was a brilliant group from nazareth, which is in the lehigh valley, meaning a local treat. their early material is somewhat reminiscent of prayer for cleansing and taken, while over time they developed a sound more akin to a more melodic / less annoying dillinger escape plan. the comparisons don't really do them justice, but idk, theyre sweet, trust me.


self titled 7"
that's how tripods work

<3 mappy

Monday, December 1, 2008


I don't know anything about this band except that they were from San Fransisco and had four members, two female and two males. They broke up around two years ago. That's it. I don't know if there are anymore songs but this one makes me want to know, honestly give it a listen and if you have any idea of who they are then please let me know, totally into this piece of trash band. It's girl fronted dance pop but pure punk as well, zany lyrical force. You'll probably compare it to Le Tigre or Gravy Train!!!! but this stands out on its own.

D.O.D. - Wedding On Wheels MP3

- Manuel

Tower Of Rome - All Is Lost, All Is Lost, All Is Yet To Be Found

tower of rome is one of those spazzy grind bands from the northern midwest, and god i love them. they have all of the details of screechy guitars, grind bits, breakdowns everywhere, funny lyrical content, titles, but they actually pull it off somewhat like a grind band, rather than just idk... rehashing jane doe in 45 second incriments (idk if people have noticed yet, but this doesnt really work too well). the album's a bit sloppy, but its a damn intense nine minutes.

1. they say she died because she was too honest
2. real teamwork means that you pull your knife out of my back while i push mine deeper into yours
3. i want my fifty dollars
4. girls that smoke gross me out to the max
5. this is a film about a ghost
6. i screamed a lot on october 15
7. chicagi chicagi i think im gonna blow my own head off now
8. this is the worst time to ever run out of matches
9. the only attainable truth that comes to mind right now
10. i guess moods just go with the seasons around here
11. we put the fun in funeral

linky poo

<3 mappy

125, Rue Montmartre

I guess I can’t say I honestly know too much about this band, so thank god this one will be a short post, probably. Well to start off they were from Germany and existed for a near two years (98 – 2000) and released two albums, a split with maggot and a self titled 7” and smuggled their way onto two compilation albums. Other than that I believe they have done nothing else. I don’t even think or know if their band members are doing anything as of late, I’m sure they are I just do not know. The sound is completely beautiful female fronted emo. Gorgeous twinkle laced guitars that display some traditional emo sound but then are able to get more into the style that is associated with low fi indie (or any 90’s band on an indie label such as Sarge, vocally though and sonically they are not like Sarge at all) and can be compared to The Pennikurvers and Stella in terms of music, vocal display and sound quality. The 7” is only three songs and is enjoyable; while their split with Maggat includes two songs of theirs (and two of Maggats which are also good), check it.

125, Rue Montmartre - 7”
125, Rue Montmartre_Maggat - Split

- Manuel