Monday, February 2, 2009


It seems to be one amazing time for garage rock/pop/punk. This is NoBunny, if you don't know NoBunny... then you've been missing out. This is so catchy, so poppy, very dirty, very good. He took the San Fransisco world by storm and was hyped but not overly that you hear about him on every other message board, this isn't Wavves but in my opinion its SO MUCH BETTER. There is a lost sense of comedy in these songs that you can basically feel invading your body when you hear this. After a few spins you start to get serious to these songs and you realize that this ain't nothing to be funny about. Poppy super fast paced punk garage pop with a no holds bar all balls out attitude that's so in your face and idealistically dirty, SUCH GOOD CHEERY UP MUSIC. I can't say which tracks will suit your mood because they're all very quirky and catchy in their own way, but, from the full length, Mess Me Up may very well be my all time favorite with Chuck Berry Holiday being a close second (It even has its own music video)... NoBunny man, NoBunny loves you.

NoBunny - Love Visions
Nobunny - Give It To Me 7"


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Anonymous said...

you must be where i grabbed this shit from nobunny = the rock thx!