Monday, August 29, 2011

Various Artists - Longbow Project Compilation LP

Woah, WOAH, WOAH. Really awesome compilation that gathers the best of the best, no posers allowed. Awesome Dryeve track, awesome Wallside track. Everything is just 100% good. Stole this from Mind Intrusion.
Dryeve - Breath

Various Artists - Longbow Project Compilation LP

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Amestigon - Sun Of All Suns

So I asked this Dutch dude for black metal and he showed Amestigon. DEPRESSIVE MYTHIC SUICIDAL BLACK METAL.

Very Satan, I gotta say.

Get it or I get my belt.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Alpinist is phenominally krieg. Top of the game in German selfless blackened-screamo influenced crust scene.

Masakari is pretty elite too, and their bassist has a sweet fucking beard.

Get into it, or you're grounded.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Iselia - Life From Dead Limbs

Okay, so Adaptations came out and I was like, "damn bro this is pretty damn chill," and it was, but then I realized it wasn't that damn chill, espesh 'cause it's only three songs, which grates on you son. Plus the three songs are all really similar. Life From Dead Limbs is slightly less repetative, and it's long enough that the songs don't all muddle together.

If you haven't heard the band before, they're a mellowed out spacey skram-ish band. Not the best ever, but it's definitely a nice listen when you're just chilling outside and staring at trees (I have a very eventful life).

Thanks Perception Through Dissonance for the dl link.

P.S. the album art is elite.

You'll Live - Things Would Change If You Heard This

Personally I can do without the kind of twinkly stuff (it's not really twinkly at all), I really that shit, I wish it was a little more like jumping into a blender, guitar wise. But this is pretty good. At most I feel like I am listening to Boys Night Out but without the parts where the singer screams about killing himself or someone else because they are pretty, mainly just the neat parts, well the parts I like. I doubt that anyone else will hear Boys Night Out and you're probably in the right if you aren't. Anywho, maybe it's like a calmer iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook + {{ache:emelie}} or maybe it's really like Boys Night Out but without the parts where the singer screams about killing himself or someone else because they are pretty.... This band is like a more cleaned up version of screamo than I think a lot of you are used to, but who knows? Algernon Cadwallader (not screamo) is fucking popular so why can't this be too? Their bigcartel page has neat stuff.

You'll Live - Things Would Change If You Heard This

Alexander Korda - Vous Avez Encore Des Secrets Á Dire

Very shouty, nearly screechy screamy jeebies. You know what I mean? I feel that there is a band like this at least once a year but no one ever pays real attention to them for some reason. Do you guys honestly not like this chaotic, but kind of pretty sounding stuff? It's in yo face, but not. I feel like these guys have social anxiety disorders and used to write dark poetry in high school, I know that 87% of you can relate to that and the rest of you were just nerds/jocks that are barely finding out how to use the internet and accidentally stumbled upon this page. Peace out.

Alexander Korda - Vous Avez Encore Des Secrets Á Dire

Hero Of A Hundred Fights - The Remote, The Cold EP

Hero of A Hundred Fights is probably one of my more favorite hardcore tinged bands that I have ever heard in my entire life. EVER. I used to do meth in my grandmas bathroom while listening to this on a cdr a few years ago. I used to do a lot of things while listening to this. It's like that one band TOOL got really good instead of just stayed their same shitty selves. R.I.P. Forge Again Records reissued this EP on a one-sided vinyl thing that looks very fresh (a link on their bandcamp page directs you to the great purchase page). Also, best artwork.

Hero Of A Hundred Fights
- The Remote, The Cold EP

Ravachol - Great Moments In The Void EP

I was like going to say something along the lines of, "well like, I guess I could say something that goes like, 'well hey maybe they sorta sound like Petethepiratesquid,' but I didn't because that would be a lie," and I didn't say that because THAT wouldn't be a lie. I guess. I don't know, the only similarity between this band and petey is their girl shouter/singer/human and the thin association of being hardcore of the cloth that brought so many DIY bands to fruition in the past decade or so. They are pretty good though, at least in my opinion and you can cop their mp3's at the very amazing cost of free.99 or you can be a doll and donate some proper dough. Their bandcamp page also has a really neato link to their bigcartel where you can buy a 3"cd that'll go great with that cassette that'll go great with that t-shirt.

Ravachol - Great Moments In The Void EP

Infected Womb - Hail Sagan

I don't know anything about this band, I don't like looking for information about bands nowadays, I just like to have this whole creative thing a mystery now. I just want to include another wall between me as a listener and the artist as the creator. I just wish I could crush my head in without making a mess. Infected Womb are pretty killer, crusty, grindy stuff... the guitars/bass and sometimes drums remind me of Systral but without the cookie monster vocals. More shouty, in your face, and kind of smelling of anxiety. I don't know. I just can't know.

Infected Womb - Hail Sagan

But basically do yourself some justice and check out all their stuff and perhaps download them all for free.99 or some donation.