Monday, January 31, 2011

This Or The Apocalypse - Monuments

I'm from Pennsylvania. I like metalcore. This Or The Apocalypse is from Lancaster. Lancaster rules. I have friends in Lancaster. Shows in Lancaster rule. They have a Renaissance Fair. I mean seriously, I saw Misery Signals in Lancaster, and I threw Axes at Targets for $5 and won Jelly bracelets for bull's eyes. Needless to say, got mad Jelly Bracelets.

Anyway, This Or The Apocalypse is similar to August Burns Red and Texas In July (both are from Lancaster lol, TIJ used to play with TOTA at fire halls and so forth).



ty kartoon metal

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mass Movement Of The Moth

Just put up their entire discography online, have at it:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Robot's Don't Cry - Tour 2004 CDr

The only thing I know about Robot's Don't Cry is that there are two of them, this one is top skramz straight from Omaha (where a recent school shooting took place, very angry location). The first track on this has a few little scratches, but since the song is nearly 10 minutes then you won't be able to tell. Recording is very sub par, but so is nearly most recordings for this type of music in 2004. Taking cues from the Kanaris train of though, meaning that this shit is constructed to sound long, brooding, motherfucking bad ass and generally kick ass as well. You feel me? Does I Would Set Myself On Fire For You sound like this? Probably, I've never heard. Unbelievably bad song titles and nice quiet parts. EAT THIS.

Robot's Don't Cry - Tour 2004 CDr

Really Good Parents - ...Kissing Girls Is Cool I Guess...

Back to bring you the latest (like 2005 or so, actually... maybe?) in the skramz and the mother fucking jamz. Really Good Parents was a band that outta nowhere made some really intricate songs, great guitar work that was typical for the genre. Reminds me of a more melodic and brooding Dispensing of False Halos, vocal wise. Song names make it seem like they were taking cues from Emo Summer (overlords). Is it all a joke? I think it's serious as hell, disguised with pretty guitar work and jumpy drum playing. The bass hasn't much to offer, but I'm only saying that because I don't really listen to the bass when I try to listen to screamo (unless it's Usurp Synapse). Anywho, if anyone has a higher bitrate (aka 192 and up) then let me know, I would like to listen because I assume that higher quality would help these songs break the fourth wall (so close).

Really Good Parents - ...Kissing Girls Is Cool I Guess...