Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Saddest Landscape & Pianos Become The Teeth

Oh man, this is beautiful. The Saddest Landscape's track, Death Becomes Us reminds me a lot of stuff like Ampere and Orchid, great dissonant down picked riffs, cool melodic leads, awesome bass, very sarcastic sounding vocals. Pianos Become The Teeth on the other hand seemed to be going for a more French sound, a la Sed Non Satiata and Mihai Edrisch on The New Normal. Both tracks are pretty much perfect.

Check it out.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Deafheaven is a black metal band from San Fransisco that recently signed to Deathwish. They play a lighter, more melodic style along the lines of Wolves In The Throne Room, I guess you could say it's shoegaze influenced, but I find that comparison with this style of BM to be kind of ridiculous, cause the influence is for the most part very minimal. Deafheaven also uses some chord progressions that you'd expect to hear in post-hardcore songs from like 2001, which is kind of cute I guess. Great this a great Demo EP


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

September 22nd - Hello, Throne

I forget who showed me this, one of their friends is all I recall, but these dudes put this album up on myspace a while back... and of course myspace deleted the link because you know, it's TOTALLY illegal for unsigned bands to put their own uncopyrighted material up for free download. Totally illegal...

Anyway, this is a bizarre mix of screamo, post metal, and post hardcore. Kind of long winded, but extremely groovy and relaxing sounding. Vocals really remind me of As Cities Burn, but I remember their one friend getting offended and telling me there's no similarity between the vocals... judge fo yoself.

Oh, and it's a concept album about The Book Of The Duchess by William Chaucer.


Dominic - Nord

Dominic is Norse as fuck. This album is called Nord. It is very airy and uplifting. The vocals are awesome. The lyrics are awesome. The songs are crafted masterfully and will leave you with cum in your beard. Album is good, three album arts, all rule.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jet Black - The Dead End

Oh hey, more amazing German screamo, big surprise!


Thoughts Paint The Sky - Schlicht & Ergreifend

Whenever I read/hear the term 'acoustic screamo' I cringe inwardly and immediately think of Die! Emperor Die!

Then I remember these guys exist and I immediately receive a hard-on.

Download. Now.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

...Of Death - Discography

I was going to upload all of these one at a time, but I decided that it's just a little more easier to digest all of these at once. This band formed in the heyday of hardcores kittenviolence phase, they are very fast, noisy and screechy. Beloved by all those that enjoy the skramz and jamz. Lyrics are discernible and guitars are weird, everything about this band is 100% legitimately screamo.

...Of Death - Discography

Adonis Battlefield - Discography

Adonis Battlefield were a highly chaotic skreamies band for a quick minute or two. Forming in 2003 and recording a Demo, a 7" and a split with D'amore. Like mentioned before their sound is really short, spastic and very fun. If you can get the lyrics, which gradually change from joke-like seriousness to rip-my-heart-out, you can sing a long perfectly. The band is also a master in breakdowns when they throw them around. Get their discography on their bandcamp page, it's free, it's safe, it's fun.

Adonis Battlefield - Discography

Sunday, October 10, 2010 CMHWAK Launch Contest - Win an OOP 7" CMHWAK Launch Contest - Win an OOP 7": "Alright, posers. We're going to start this off right. I have an extremely underrated out-of-print Fieldtree 'Fleas in his Collar' seven in..."

Friday, October 8, 2010

White Riot - DP

The singer for this band has the most beautiful punk voice in the west coast, that is a large statement but not far from the truth. Very much an aggressive punk band shouting politics and with enough grooves for great moshing moments. Two of the band members are still in their teens and play pretty good, although in my mind halfway sloppy with no care in the world equates to being good. Here iss their myspace, if you want a copy of their demo then they'll send one to you.

White Riot - DP

Cerote - Two-Face

The proper definition of Cerote is turd. But this band isn't at all exactly a piece of shit although they have self described themselves as a joke early on. Started in 2005/2006 while in High School to fuck around with the Los Angeles' bloated amount of poser punks, and still doing the same 4 to 5 years later. Live, this band is full of high octane excitement. Crossover; we live in good times. Scope some of their amazing music here.

Cerote - Two-Face

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Skramz and Jams this Fall

Currently on CMHWAK.NET there are a few bands working pretty hard to put out a 4 way split. DIY and totally international, very neat indeed. You can scope out part of the Caitlyn Baileys track on here, sans vocals (cannot wait for it to be complete) HERE.

You can also check out this summers master 4 way split between Beau Navire/Carrion Spring/Te Lloraria Un Puto Rio/Discord of a Forgotten Sketch HERE, it's seriously a big fucking deal. Purchase it if you can.

Don't forget to sign up on CMHWAK.NET V 2.0 (I'm a moderator) and check out Music As Heroin constantly for good stuff. Peace out for now.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


there are actually things for me to post.