Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tin Kitchen / The Other People / The Allong Findings / Mycroft Holmes / Zombelle

this time i'm going to throw up a bunch of links to various artists you may or may not have heard about yet due to their uber obscurity or falling out of actually making more music. all are very low fi/indie in their own ways but do not be put off. if any of these artists desire me to remove these links please let me know by comment or any other way, just get in contact. all are at the very least 96 kpbs, which may or may not add to your listening experience.

tin kitchen is an amazing display of the 90's twinkly indie sound that made bands like stella worshiped around ten years later. the vocal styling are given in such a great manner that you wish you were on your hospital bed and had someone singing to you. once in a while you come around a band like this and i definitely think they will be the last of their kind for a long while. They are now defunct.
Tin Kitchen - Various

the other people in an acoustic act featuring tid bits of other sounds between guitar arrangements that will blissfully keep your ears in tune. the singer/songwriter changed his name to 'thousands of bees.'and put up more tracks on his myspace page. everything about this is similar to other things but so amazing when thought of being on its own, i'm sincerely waiting for this boy to put out his album.
The Other People - 3 Songs

the allon findings is the ex band of some mysterious known man who had interned for the television channel Tech TV while it turned into G4 while he lived in California, i don't remember whether or not he lost his job or stayed on and actually appeared in Call For Help (more than likely he moved back to Florida). the songs are surprisingly very well thought out and don't drag you along for a boring ride, there is some sort of concept that you yourself can put together without thinking too hard. the singing is similar to earlier coheed and cambria, hopefully that doesn't put you off because this is absolutely stunning.
The Allon Findings - The Steel Hammer and My Wooden Shotgun EP

mycroft holmes plays some very haunting and brooding acoustic tracks that surely take you into the lives of a new england town on the verge of a witch hunt. very amazing sound with a nice ethereal vibe you are hard pressed to lose when the songs are done. he now has a full length double cd r album on sale for ten dollars complete with artwork and casings, very much a gentleman if you ask me. complete satanism at its finest and truest. these are his demo songs which may or may not want you to fall in love with this fine man.
Mycroft Holmes - 666

zombelle plays very drony, light, fragile, deep, dark, haunting sounds that leave you completely breathless. these songs aren't meant to do what they do, probably, but they do it either way. you will be sucked into a world of vampires, ghosts, golbins, trickery, love and last but not least, lust. her voice is that of a succulent demon luring you in to remove you from this realm and never let you out of her sight. demonic. "Blasphemous Doo-Wop"
Zombelle - EVIL

I hope you enjoy the twinkly whirly guitar sounds, the unending forced amounts of feedback and the droning deliverance of caustic noises I laid out for you all this time around.

- Manuel

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