Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Long Awaited Tragedy - Prelude

ALAT was one of my favorite bands to ever come out of my area. Both of my old bands used to play shows with them a lot. They're great dudes. They weren't the most orignal band by any means, but they brought an interisting mix of post-hardcore, death metal, Acacia Strain type "beat-down" breakdowns, and even some You And I-ish screamo-esque metalcore.Trav's vocals are one aspect of the band that are somewhat unique, and an aspect that many people either loved or hated. Great raspy, desperate sounding highs, voice cracky mid-range vocals similar to Hopesfall, great guttural lows, and the main aspect that people always love or hate: this intense, raw, almost power-violence meets tuffguy hardcore vocals, of which I'm a personal fan.

If you're looking for an extremely varied deathcore album, that stands out among the monatiny of that scene, I highly suggest you check this out.

The highlight tracks are definitely Here's The New Beginnings, When We Die, We'll All Live Forever As A Feeling, and Parachutes


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mikoto - Demo 2004

This band features ex-members of Taken (maybe just member?). I know for a fact it's the same vocalist. Cleans sound exactly like Dallas Green. This demo is definitely their most Taken-esque release. I absolutely love it.

Check it out.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hypnosia - Extreme Hatred

Hypnosia is pretty cool retro thrash/oldschool DM from Sweden. Great high raspy vocals. Really cool RIFFS. Lots of HATE, AAAARRRRGGGGH, and SATAN.


Heather Grey - Demo

Heather Grey is a two-piece from Allentown. They play a mix of post-hardcore, post-rock, and post-metal, lol. I know it sounds like a weird, possibree dumb description, but the point is these guys are pretty ridiculous. They're vaguely like Hella and Fall Of Troy, almost, but those are really just bad comparison's local kiddies make. They have a kind of heavy, almost Misery Signal's-esque sound at some points, while other points are all over the neck of the guitar like Tera Melos into beautiful melodic interludes reminiscent of Explosions In The Sky. Support these guys, they're solid dudes.


Cle Dix - See You Next Naturday demo

Cle Dix (they're actually undecided on a name, but I think this one and James Frydrych And The Men are their best ideas) are my homies, and I love their music. They're great guys and great musicians that play post-rock-y indie, heavily influenced by Modest Mouse.

Download See You Next Naturday