Monday, December 1, 2008

125, Rue Montmartre

I guess I can’t say I honestly know too much about this band, so thank god this one will be a short post, probably. Well to start off they were from Germany and existed for a near two years (98 – 2000) and released two albums, a split with maggot and a self titled 7” and smuggled their way onto two compilation albums. Other than that I believe they have done nothing else. I don’t even think or know if their band members are doing anything as of late, I’m sure they are I just do not know. The sound is completely beautiful female fronted emo. Gorgeous twinkle laced guitars that display some traditional emo sound but then are able to get more into the style that is associated with low fi indie (or any 90’s band on an indie label such as Sarge, vocally though and sonically they are not like Sarge at all) and can be compared to The Pennikurvers and Stella in terms of music, vocal display and sound quality. The 7” is only three songs and is enjoyable; while their split with Maggat includes two songs of theirs (and two of Maggats which are also good), check it.

125, Rue Montmartre - 7”
125, Rue Montmartre_Maggat - Split

- Manuel


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