Monday, December 8, 2008


they're on the same label as Boys Life and sound like them except much slower, tired, stoned. self proclaimed to be the highest most stoned pot headed 'emo' band in southern California's San Diego area has probably given you the incentive to think that they're like Electric Wizard. no not even. Chune sounds like sleeping a lot, maybe if Boys Life played Cerberus Shoal songs, Codeine sounds similar in terms of laziness. the lyrics add a lot more to the laziness of this band, they seem tired and unresponsive, mainly as though they are a day dream and are exactly like being really high and thinking too much about things you've known and come to expect. they have two full lengths , Burnt and Big Hat, No Cattle and an EP called Nine Ways To Sunday, nothing too fancy and not hard to find; all of it is on Amazon. here's the 10" and Big Hat, No Cattle.

Chune - Big Hat, No Cattle
Chune - Nine Ways To Sunday 10"

- Manuel


Anonymous said...

Any chance you could reup Big Hat, No Cattle?

Manuel Mayhem said...

you could probably find it easily on another blog. if you can't, let me know and I'll put it up.