Monday, December 1, 2008

Tower Of Rome - All Is Lost, All Is Lost, All Is Yet To Be Found

tower of rome is one of those spazzy grind bands from the northern midwest, and god i love them. they have all of the details of screechy guitars, grind bits, breakdowns everywhere, funny lyrical content, titles, but they actually pull it off somewhat like a grind band, rather than just idk... rehashing jane doe in 45 second incriments (idk if people have noticed yet, but this doesnt really work too well). the album's a bit sloppy, but its a damn intense nine minutes.

1. they say she died because she was too honest
2. real teamwork means that you pull your knife out of my back while i push mine deeper into yours
3. i want my fifty dollars
4. girls that smoke gross me out to the max
5. this is a film about a ghost
6. i screamed a lot on october 15
7. chicagi chicagi i think im gonna blow my own head off now
8. this is the worst time to ever run out of matches
9. the only attainable truth that comes to mind right now
10. i guess moods just go with the seasons around here
11. we put the fun in funeral

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