Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Manuel's Dance Mix Vol. 1

I don't know anything about making mixes, but this one i did make on my own, well my buddy actually made it, i just added songs that i thought were cool because i couldn't find the other ones he wanted. We experimented with it at a party and they dug it 'cept a couple of songs but we'll just go with 'they've got shitty taste in music' no offense to anyone i know who danced to it and is reading this... i really don't mean it. i dig this piece of treasure too much to not share with all of you. This is a DANCE MIX WITH DANCE MUSIC IF YOU HATE THAT SHIT THEN BACK OFF IF YOU WANNA GIVE IT A TRY THEN TRY IT OUT STUPID.

Manuel Presents - Manuel's Dance Mix V.1
Track Listing:
1. The Presets - Talk Like That
2. Spank Rock - Bump
3. Sebastian - Walkman
4. Jackson and His Computer Band - Rock On
5. Jamie Lidell - Little Bit of Feel Good (Boreta_Remix)
6. Mr. Oizo - Ringardos
7. Autokratz - Reaktor
8. Kap Bambino - Hey!
9. SymbolOne - Love Juice (Danger TV Remix)
10. Danger - 11h30
11. Danger - 14h54
12. dAta - rapture (The Skywriters Remix)
13. E-The-Hot, Franchising - The Drugs
15. Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost Extended)

- Manuel

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