Monday, December 15, 2008

Thieves Like Us

This was released just last month but it hasn't been getting all the attention it deserves, no doubt such a good album cover and you can only expect great music, tunes to dance too. Not a doubt in my mind that a lot of you don't even dig this style of music (electro/dance) but this isn't just that type of album either, very similar to the Chromatics (of GSL fame, not the disco 'Italians Do It Better' one) in terms of it being an indie band. It's three dudes mixing in styles they want to be mixed, apparently they've been digging hip hop and dub lately but I don't really hear it too much in this album. The second song on here 'Drugs In My Body' is just a good song to listen too, really dancy, really up beat and you won't hate it, possibly get annoyed by it. I don't know what else to say, watch out for this band in 2009 i do think they're going to get hyped to oblivion. Fuck it right? Still available for sure, probably $20 or more but I think these records usually run for that much anyways.

Thieves Like Us - Play Music

- Manuel

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