Sunday, November 30, 2008

Architects - Untitled Demo/We Will Turn Your Cemetaries Into Your Cathedrals, And Your Cities Into Tombs

no album art makes me sad, but there's a pic of the band at the end !!

anyhow, this aint architects (the brits, but theyre awesome too), this be faithealer, in their earliest incarnation, playing a sweet little mix of hardcore, grind, and screamo. very lo-fi, depressive, and drony... the production makes it sound like, grimy idk. its the type of music you listen to when its just really cold and raining during the winter.


1. Homes
2. When I Get Scared I Think Of You
3. Things They Never Taught Us In History Class
4. Each Sentence Was A Little Triumph
5. Turn Your Back
6. Revenge

we will turn your cemetaries into our cathedrals and your cities into tombs
1. Cannot Die
2. Flower Of Flesh And Blood
3. Human Waste (The Long Haul)

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