Monday, December 15, 2008


Disco electro dance dance dance. Stuff has been making a come back since like 2004, Daft Punk has its 35 year old fans as well as its teenage and preteen audience in its grasp and will never EVER let go. Taking that into 4th generation electronica twice removed we get things like SymbolOne, dance driven beats bent on making a dent in the scene already ripping with more acts than you'd want with more songs being remixed than you should even really start to care about. SymbolOne takes this and realizes this, this ain't nothing silly, its good okay. If you dig this style of music then you're going to dig this, been compared to Valerie and will be doing work with Justice. This is still available through, well, i believe anywhere really. It has the original Love Juice cut as well as two remixes done by Danger TV and Moulinex. The other links are another Love Juice remixed by Loose Shus and Everything Louder Then Everything Else, a single released in 2007. Look for the full length coming out soon.

SymbolOne - Love Juice
SymbolOne - Love Juice (Loose Shus Remix)
SymbolOne - Everything Louder Then Everything Else

- Manuel

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