Monday, December 15, 2008

Simple Machines - Working Holiday

THIS IS FOR YOU! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. Get Melancholic with these sounds, here is the description from its own website:

"Compiles all the tracks from the entire 7" series onto one handy 80-minute CD. That means tracks from Versus, Scrawl, Lungfish, The Tinklers, Codeine, The Coctails, Eggs, Jonny Cohen, Veronica Lake, My Dad is Dead, Rastro, Lois, Nothing Painted Blue, Small Factory, Tsunami, Jawbox, Crackerbash, The Grifters, Crain, Pitchblende, Swirlies, Caterpillar and Superchunk! Geez, on one CD?! The hefty booklet includes photos and stories from the year when 7"s took over our lives."

It's like some christmas and new years holiday special. Still available off the Simple Machines site I believe.

Simple Machines - Working Holiday

- Manuel

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