Saturday, November 29, 2008

At The Throne Of Judgement - The Arcanum Order

At The Throne Of Judgement is one of many many bands within that "deathcore" movement... but they deserve some credit, cause well, they're actally good. Kind of like The Black Dahlia Murder (classic melodic death metal riffs, varied guttural-to-high rasp vocals), with a modern metalcore tinge to it. Also, there aren't breakdowns every 5 seconds, and no ultra-brutal Acacia Strain junts either. Basically, if you like circle pit focused Southern mdm, fucking get The Arcanum Order.

01. Cacophonous
02. Sentinal
03. Mariner's Cutlass
04. Celestial Scourge
05. Ruin Of Gaia
06. Tomb Of The Thracians
07. Delphic Star
08. The Captive
09. Untitled [instrumental]
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