Friday, November 28, 2008

Systral - Black Smoker

What can be said about Germen Hardcore except that it is mind numbingly brutal and crushing as fuck. At the front of this hardcore machine was Systral, a band with a lot of notoriety for being an influence on Orchid and many other bands that had followed them. There is no doubt that this band is often overlook because of that very reason but happily is always looked into by those interested in understanding where that bone crushing sound came from. This Album is my favorite from them and their second Full Length, so god damn good. From beginning to end you get wall punching grooves and vocals that sound like a dog barking into your ear for hours at a time, they sound painful as though the singer is going through nothing but complete struggle and always has; there is no song that isn't brutal. The album is violent, chaotic and at times sounds nothing but like pure evil. The only other bands that did this whole shtick at this era were Morser, Acme and Carol. No song goes on longer than it should and no song is wimpy at any time. There are no complaints here, you get what you expect to hear straight from the first song to the last, Germans showing up Americans at some fucking ingenuity. The LP can be purchased HERE for $7.50 and the CD HERE for $12 even though the label it was released on, Edison Recordings, possibly no longer exists. Bands still try to sound like this but can't, they just fucking can't.

Systral - Black Smoker

- Manuel

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Papst Benedikt XVI said...

"The only other bands that did this whole shtick at this era were Morser, Acme and Carol"

no wonder it's the same people playing under different bandnames. all in all maybe 8 - 10 guys.