Sunday, November 30, 2008

Swarm Of The Lotus - The Sirens Of Silence

Now this is a cute album, it's got a nice dissonant breakdown's everywhere metallic thing going on to it. Very muddy and groove oriented, but spaced with random hardcore parts or death metal stomp sections... this album's kinda like when people play "mathcore" but the sludgy older brother who doesnt constantly vie for attention. Great drumming, interesting guitars, and intense vocals... these guys are pretty heavy, and designed to blaze to !! Definitely for fans of Botch, Knut, Norma Jean, Intronaut, and whatnot.

I write shorter posts than Manny.

1. Hookworm
2. Call To Abandon
3. The Great Masquerade
4. Yan Hou
5. Jackie G
6. Snowbeast
7. Needles And Knives
8. The Insect Trust Fund
9. Vertigo
10. Judas
11. House At The Bottom Of The Sea
12. Nightmare Paint

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