Sunday, November 30, 2008

Country Teasers

There has yet to be a band to exist that is anything like this one. The Country Teasers, ah, London’s finest sons, born and bred to whisper/scream/cough whimsical lyrics and prose hell bent on making you cross the line into realizing you are unsatisfied, that you want more, that you crave more and to understand that you do not deserve anything good but you will do anything in your power to get anything good. To get what you want. Now don’t let that message fool you, these boys aren’t anything close to preachers seeing as how they’re singing to the converted but by chance a ‘non believer’ (or ‘believer’ if you want to say that) may happen to stumble onto this amazing force then they may as well be handed their ticket to hell right then and there. You are not worthy. At any rate these sounds are gritty, dirty, reminiscent of old Blues songs that are in your face, angry and sad; but this isn’t a Blues band. The Country Teasers play beautiful Post Punk with hints of Country and Artsy Noise Rock. Lyrically you will probably be offended at least once, or question what the singer is singing but it’s amazing. Musically, you will recognize some bass lines and riffs from other songs time to time (you will hear Joy Division somewhere down the road), this band does know its roots and it won’t let you forget them either. All three albums represent various parts of the bands history, Back to the Future is no doubt the grittiest and rawest (it even has a live portion in the end), the Self-Titled album is cleaner but just as raw and possibly more sillier, Satan is Real Again (Or Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts) is just top notch, killer sound by a band that attempts to sound disgusting. Can be Post-Punk, can even probably be called Dark-Country (there is Dark-Wave after all) but will always be catchy. They’ve got a whole bunch of albums and I believe nearly all of them are still in print, once I discover how to rip vinyl I’ll get Secret Weapon Revealed At Last (Or Full Moon Empty Sports Bag) on here. D.I.Y., experimentation and evil.

Country Teasers – Back to the Future
Country Teasers – Country Teasers
Country Teasers - Satan Is Real Again (Or Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts)

- Manuel

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