Sunday, November 30, 2008

Skycamefalling - A Penny For Your Confessions...

Skycamefalling is a band I've been listening to for I don't know how long, since sometime in middle school I guess, when my brother's one friend picked up ...To Forever Embrace The Sun. From the second I heard this band, there was just something that clicked, just the whole atmosphere of the combined elements of the lo-fi production to the stop and go hardcore to breakdown to dissonant to melodic bit song structures.

This demo, is probably the best example of just the raw emotional display this band was capable of. Christopher Tzompanakis' vocal display is pure distress and frustration, the guitars are crunchy, dissonant, and thrashy, the drums vary from groove beats and breakdowns to classic punky beats. It's one of those jawesome old releases where you can see the origins of modern generic metalcore and shake your head in shame at what the genre's become.

1. A Perfect Prayer
2. Of Adornment And Disgust
3. The Fall Of Cain's Countenence
4. Malachai's Whisper

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