Friday, November 28, 2008

Virgin Mega Whore

Mark McCoy (of Spazz and Das Oath infamy) has been known to do some really outrageous sounding music, combined with Jeff Jellen (of MK Ultra) though, he has surpassed all expectations, all of them. This sound is like it was made in the late post punk era of Public Image LTD and The Silver Apples but dirtier, nastier, more cocaine/drug oriented, and lets just emphasize how dirty it sounds. The albums (both) are completely vulgar, no mercy action that will more or less make you want to shake your ass for one last dance before that fucking tractor beam takes you off to one planet out there in the middle of no where. Ever since Virgin Records got a hold of the name, realized its amazing play on words, the band has been operating under VMW which I'm sure would go swell as a tattoo in the middle of a red circle or a nice T-Shirt maybe. Think of Disco and think of Syringes and think of your gayest friend, or the gayest person you could ever meet ever and it still wouldn't sound as gross as these CD's. You know, this shit is so good, some douche bag had the honor of stealing my copy of the full length a long while back. You can purchase both of them at any record shop, I suppose, being as how the Full Length is still in print. Go ahead and check them both out here, the link includes both in one convenient ready to listen too package.

Virgin Mega Whore - VMW/Door Knob of San Diego

- Manuel

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