Friday, June 29, 2012

"...wasthisthefacethatlaunchedtenthousandships?" - all those born among them

It's a somewhat funny long name, but it works in a way I'll explain later and they should keep it (in three years will it make it easier or harder to find them though a Google search?). I think it sounds just like you would expect it to sound. Recorded live, blast beats, someone shrieking. It's like someone turned on a blender. I can't really hear much of what's going on as I don't know what is going on most of the time when I listen to music, and this is all so mysterious and cool to me. Most music is though. They provided lyrics, which helps in understanding what is going on in the songs. They scream kind of determined to lose their voices which I think is pretty great yet I kind of get scared that this band will last past the screams and they'll do some weird grunty produced-at-god-city type of thing (not that I mind it, but it's the only way to describe what I am thinking and I know for certain that many who read this blog know exactly what I mean).  If it comes to that then woo hoo! Never doubt a screamo though. Oh yeah, the name of the band is kind of in the same vogue as their lyrics. Everything is mushed up and shrieked out. All in all I suppose they sound like how I feel when I'm on the bus and am having an anxiety attack. So good.

"...wasthisthefacethatlaunchedtenthousandships?"  - all those born among them

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