Monday, March 19, 2012

Witch in her Tomb - Witch in her Tomb

A few things before I continue with my meaningless life; firstly, I've been posting a lot because I'm on Spring Break, secondly, I have been looking for a job and found out that I still have two misdemeanors on my record for stuff that I took care of a while back but recklessly forgot to wipe from my criminal record. Two misdemeanors that I would like to get off my record, because they make me look like a goddamn worthless drug addicted fuck head to every HR person in my state. Two misdemeanors that I need money to annex from my history. I'm kind of screwed. I don't care, I do care. I'm very mad.

Oh wait, a third thing, kind of; Witch in her Tomb are apart of a roster of bands that are kind of mysterious to me, but I dig, you can check out Crippled Sound Recordings itself here (update coming soon!) and more Crippled Sound Recordings stuff (free music) here, and you can even be a cool guy and buy some of their stuff here, be cool you guy.

Witch in her Tomb are destructive black metal. That's not really a genre, "destructive black metal," but that is how they sound like to me. Kind of like WOLD, or so. I'm not a big black metal aficionado, as I have mentioned before, but I do like to listen to it from time to time and get down with some angry stuff that nationalists and poetics alike can get down with. Not to say that I listen to NS black metal, because I don't, unless Witch in her Tomb are NS, which I don't think they are, more than likely they're not, but you should email them just in case.

Witch in her Tomb - Witch in her Tomb

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