Monday, March 19, 2012

The Truth About Dreaming

I don't have a Download for this, no one does maybe. I feel that you should check this out if you are totally into DIY Noisy Screamo. It has all the best elements of bands like Jeromes Dream and Adriell mixed in with some experimental noise ala Asami Yamazaki and some Japanese Noise Not Music. Nolan has been doing this for a while as xIWSWUYSBx and Celestial Being, but this is just a far cry ahead of anything else he's done imo. Not to knock on his other efforts, because I dig them, but they (and his label Plastic Smile Records) haven't had the attention they deserve that I feel xTTADx will give to them. Support Nolan, PSR, and xTTADx.

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