Monday, March 19, 2012

Black Kites - Last Three Songs

I am such a turd, I know in the last post I said that Black Kites weren't honestly my thing, my total 100% thing, but they're still a good band, and aren't awful at all. Their last three song output just proves this and makes me think that I should revisit all of their material and put my foot in my mouth. Tom is a nice dude, makes CMHWAK worth being a site honestly. I love the fact that he provides commentary in the forums (and on his blog). He needs an award for sticking with the hardcore scene for the past 15 or whatever years of his life. These songs are ragers, very aggressive and angsty, noisy at times and screamy at all times. I'm not sure what the purpose of these three songs are other than to say goodbye, but you can hear a transition between Black Kites and capacities (I don't think that was done purposeful though). The tracks are untagged, but in pretty good quality and provided courtesy of Ride the Fury who is also selling this release as a tape (which there are probably some still available of and I need to get, god damn it).

Black Kites - Last Three Songs
and you can listen to it on their bandcamp
or here

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