Friday, January 27, 2012

Flowers In Gun Barrels - Discography

Kind of a late and no brainer in terms of posting this on here. I should have when the gettin' was good, but still relevant in 2012. Plastic Smile Records had their discography with all their hits on 'em, but sadly that is now unavailable, I think. Still, the split with xiwswuysbx... is still available for the taking, so take it! Considering they had some of their stuff released on PSR, and they had a split with xiwswuysbx, you can kind of assume what they sound like: skrammy skramtacular skram. It's not violent, in that it's not very aggressive sounding, but it's really fast and light, airy, kind of like a blender. Chrispy guitars, airy atmosphere, screamy vocals on the verge of screechy, and some of dat emo. The Finest.

Flowers In Gun Barrels - Discography

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We love drugs and stuff said...

Did you ever get the discography CD that was put in late 2013? Its pretty good. Copies should still exist.