Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brain Fever - Brain Fever

Female fronted weird and mathy hm, screamo? I don't know or think that's the best way to describe Brain Fever, but it's close and good enough for now. To me it sounds like a non-synthy VSS discovered a female singer, at least a little bit. Ripping bass sound and magical background growling, or howling or whatever it may be. The instruments sound very good, it gets very Orchid at times, but I suppose music like this is supposed to get very Orchid at times. This is a chunky sounding release, which most of the time I don't like, but since I really like the rhythm section in this mathy band it works really well. What more is there to say... well, it sounds like they're having a good time with their sound which I like, it's very loose and tight knit at the same time, chaotic organization. It's funny to say, but if I were describe this band using other bands I would probably (and am going to) drop Shroomunion, The VSS, The Blood Brothers, and The Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul (I'm such a piece of shit for comparing this band to others).

Brain Fever
- Brain Fever

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