Thursday, January 8, 2009

Funeral Crashers

Funeral Crashers plays a discordant but not noisy sound of Post Punk that Spreads its black wings into Goth Rock and drenches its long slimy nails into everything that is the exact opposite of whatever you fathom in your mind as being happy and 'lively'. Don't put words in my mouth and say this is boring, if you don't dig post punk then you won't like this certainly, the same beats throughout the songs in terms of drums, heavy distorted bass sounds and dissonant moody guitars that noodle at times and vocals imitating of Ian Curtis; this band gets repetitive during individual songs but the tracks aren't so that they take forever till they end. I can't do this album any justice so read a proper review HERE, it rules and if you hate life and wanna die or wanna resurrect the dead then dive into this.

Funeral Crashers- La Fin Absolue Du Monde

- Manuel

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