Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vis-A-Vis - Demo

I found this tagless (and tried to fill in what I know) on slsk and didn't bother trying to figure out ALL the pieces to this bands puzzle, most of what I found will be mentioned here or you will be linked to it. Basically this is, in my opinion, really beautiful sounding screamo. Most will tag it, respectively, as post-hardcore or something but what does that really mean anyways? Sounds very mainstreamish, with no shrieks but a lot of uplifting shouting and growling. The music is low budget Hot Cross inspired I think, taking cues from some twinkles (this band broke up in 2007 I think) before they were a big deal, and totally reminds me of a much unfocused Kanaris (Who are steadily growing to being one of my favorites) which is a good thing, can't have too many incarnations of the same wonderful sound :)... The guitars are the best part. Here's their myspace.

Here's a picture of the singer, he's very screamo:

Vis-A-Vis - Demo

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Anonymous said...

is that negative kevin?