Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey Predator! - Spit Smoke, Black Factories

This is like some sort of tricky, bag of change emo... if it's even emo in the first place. Some twinkles here. You can compare the band to the emo legends Kolya and Ohana. Check this out if that style of music is your thing. Like mentioned earlier, the guitars head towards twinkles and are ever changing, and, like implied earlier, the vocals are some double falsettos spouting out stream of thought like lyrics with certain catchy edges. Hey Predator rules.

Hey Predator! - Spit Smoke, Black Factories


Anonymous said...

this is the same link to Rapider than Horse Power! Please fix!

Manuel Mayhem said...

oops, fixed.

heypredator said...

whoa. this is my band. thanks a lot for posting this! we really appreciate people downloading it.

you can also download this album in tons of formats as well as our shiny new EP here:

of course, you're more than welcome to download and post this if you're into it!