Monday, September 13, 2010

Rapider Than Horsepower - This Is My Big Night

This band is very off putting, very relaxed in some hipster daze but still aggressive. Although they have nothing in common, the lyrical and vocal output remind me of Glassjaw, maybe because they both have unique voices, while the music (with the vocals as well) is very jazz like, or funk like, or both. Really a unique band. I'm just going to put them in the emo fodder folder because I really like calling everything and anything emo. They've got some sassiness factor bleeding through their guitars as well... but I can't put my fucking finger on why this sounds good to me.

Rapider Than Horsepower - This Is My Big Night


Anonymous said...

i'm a fan, but why do you call it "off putting?" that's a criticism

Manuel Mayhem said...

hm... well this is a 'review' and i did critique the work, offering any criticism should be involved. anyhow, it's off putting for those that might not be used to the type of music that rapider than horsepower create. if anything i figured most would be mad when i basically called them emo fodder.... but whatever.