Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Juniper Strain - Demo

So far I've put up bands who have little to no history online (most of these have little to no post rock influence and are before the kinsella onslaught, this is all emo), which is great because their music was still salvaged BUT it's getting really annoying not knowing what's going on. This band only has two listeners on their page which makes me want to know how many more bands are lost in this haze. Shouty off beat screamo based hardcore with weir guitar tones. I wish the vocals were recorded lower so we could hear the bass and drums more, but that's all there is wrong with this. If you dig bands just playing through their songs and don't want to put up with other shit than get this.

Juniper Strain - Demo

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James Fella said...

The LP version (+ extra song) is just about out on Gilgongo / Blue Sky Writings