Friday, August 20, 2010

Kanaris - Kanaris

Kanaris happen to be legendary in the unknown screamo realm, you probably have never even heard of them and do not care. Why are they unknown? I don't know since their sound has been imitated constantly over and over until we got something like Touche Amore, La Dispute and Suis La Lune it seems. I mean sure screamo by the turn of the century became watered down metalcore of all kinds, but the genres blur too much to care (you can hear New Brunswick influences). I'm done telling jokes, kind of. Seriously, Kanaris generally sounds like an Iron Maiden influenced skramz (and jamz) band. There are two more EP's but they're all the same songs that are on here just recorded differently.

*funny story: when I first met Mappy (online) he was telling me about his bands and how neat they were so I sent him Kanaris mp3's telling him that it was my band. trolled/pwned.

Kanaris - Kanaris

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