Friday, August 20, 2010

The 1985 - Nerve Eighty

Existing from 1996 - 2000 and generally well liked. Even though their sound is compared to Arab On Radar they have this charm that Arab on Radar do not have, maybe it's their mysterious name or their groovy song structures. I find that most will have trouble understanding the lyrics, and most will go straight for the noisy guitars. The band is like an LSD fueled trip through a wasteland, a pit stop in the middle of nowhere. It gets hot and you're hallucinating because of the heat and LSD, soon your mind loses control and "It's My Antennae" (the definitive Emo anthem) is blasting through your speakers.

The 1985 - Nerve Eighty


smfy said...

you sexy bastard. I forgot about this album after my last harddrive/computer fried. it was one of the first albums that got me into shit like this and subsequently the screamie jeebiez.

Legume said...

ALL TIME -This is an awesome album. Early digital recording - sounds like shit! But these performances are sick -- thanks --

I have an old 1999 bug jar show i took on four track -- half ass tried to find the members to share -- but do you want to host the show audio? why not right