Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Depravity - Galvanizer

Seriously one of the most awesome, cheesy osdm albums ever. This is sinister, with cheesy keyboards, and standard '80s death metal sloppiness. Great album when you just want fun oldschool death metal.


Depravity is probably one of the most listenable oldschool death metal bands ever. They're sufficiently doomy. They have guttural vocals. They have sinister black metal influenced tremolo segments. They have oldschool metal "evil" sounding keyboards. They have a competent metal drummer, this early in the extreme metal scene.

Depravity is one of my favorite bands ever, if you haven't, look back in our archives for Silence Of The Centuries by Depravity, as it's they're most mature album ever. In fact, my favorite death metal album ever.

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