Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Black Leather Jesus & The Homopolice - Split 12"

This is a raging hard on of a recording, so heavy and noisy and dissonant that it really doesn't deserve a review. Most of the time I'm all for butt fucking and loud music, but this sounds too lazy to deserve even that. I hate you The Homopolice, you started out being my ultra modern gay heroes but now you're just like Merzbow and have long hair. Black Leather Jesus doesn't make much sense either.

The tags are messed up on here, it's actually 33RPM as opposed to 45RPM, but if that's not true then sorry I mislead you. Groovy tunes.

Black Leather Jesus & The Homopolice - Split 12"


secret said...

thanks needed this

brownxthirties said...

any chance you re-up this? my old computer crashed and I lost this split. thanks!