Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beezlebup - Demo

The imagery of the bandcamp download is pretty spot on. Not sure how the tape looks or if it is even out yet*, when I saw them I didn't really look because I ran out of money paying for all my friends to get in the show. Really hardcore, fast stuff. Queuing the same "VIBES" of most of the stuff I have been posting recently: angry, pathetic, to the point, noisy, aggressive, worthless. All the good stuff rolled up into one. I hope their demo tape has more stuff on it, because these two songs are really good and I'd like to sink my teeth into more. Again, this stuff is dark and ultimately defeating rather than run of the mill dumb midwest girlfriend lyrics, not to be harsh.

Beezlebup - Demo

*Fuck, just checked that the show I went to was their tape release show. I feel like such a shit head for passing out on their tape, hopefully I catch them again soon though.

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Hey man, thanks a lot for posting this. I can send you a tape before they run out. Just let me know.